FILEX is an annual fitness conference, powered by Fitness Australia, which is held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

FILEX caters to the educational and networking needs of fitness professionals and fitness business owners and managers, by providing hundreds of educational sessions, which are delivered over three days.

FILEX is an annual opportunity for those who work in the fitness industry to learn from the world’s leading experts and operators in areas such as personal training, exercise science, nutrition, physiotherapy, sales and business, special populations, group fitness, sports and strength conditioning, yoga and mind body, and lots more!

Who attends FILEX?

Every year FILEX attracts thousands of fitness professionals, instructors, trainers and business owners and managers, from all over the country – and the globe.

In 2018, the theme of FILEX is to motivate, empower and change. The conference is designed to provide information to help you feel motivated and empowered to encourage positive and permanent change in your personal and business life, as well as in the lives of your clients and/or members.

Why you should attend FILEX!

Attending FILEX is the smartest thing you can do for your fitness career. Here are five reasons why:

  1. You’ll learn a truckload of new things, and information is power.
  2. You’ll expand your skillset, which will distinguish you from your competition.
  3. You’ll network with other like-minded individuals and connect with people who may well change your life – both personally and professionally.
  4. The financial investment you’ll make is most likely the most fun tax deduction you’ll ever have.
  5. Because everyone who’s anyone will be there too. 
The Fitness Show

Co-located with FILEX is The Fitness Show, which is an enormous three-day expo that showcases the latest and greatest fitness and healthy lifestyle products and services, including footwear, apparel, equipment suppliers, nutritional supplements and more! For more information click here.