Presented by Jill Miller

Explore The Roll Model® Method over two jam-packed days, with specific attention into the Science of Rolling, and Ball Sequencing and Innovation. Roll Model® Therapy Balls are a soft-tissue conditioning tool that are ideal for use in personal training, Pilates, wellness coaching, yoga, massage therapy, clinical or mental health settings, and with children or special populations. These on-the-go balls improve body coordination, reduce pain and improve movement. Over two dynamic days you’ll be imparted with the power of self-myofascial release, and empowered to adopt and teach simple but effective self-care regimens; skills that will help you become a leader in the self-care fitness revolution. 

Registration for the 2 Day Roll Model® Method Pre-Con includes the full Roll Model® Starter Kit, which you will take with you after the program. The Kit includes a set of each of the Roll Model Therapy Balls (1 pair of YTU Therapy Balls in Tote (approx. 2.5” in diameter), 1 pair of Therapy Ball PLUS in Tote (approx. 2.75” in diameter), 1 ALPHA Ball (approx. 3.5” in diameter), and one 9” air filled Coregeous® Ball, all packed in a mesh shoulder carry tote.

About Jill Miller

Jill is the Co-Founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide, and Creator of the self-care fitness formats Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method. With more than 30 years of study in anatomy and movement, Jill is a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, athletics and pain management. Known as the “Teacher’s Teacher” Jill and her team of 500+ trainers has trained thousands of movement educators, clinicians, and manual therapists and individuals all over the world, teaching people to live better in their body by understanding proprioception, mobility, breath mechanics and recovery. Jill is also a highly published author, DVD Creator, and a regular feature on the Oprah Winfrey Network.