PT Business Summit


For those serious about taking their personal training operations to the next level, the PT Business Summit is a must-attend event. Join local and international experts from both within and outside the industry for a day of practical techniques and inspirational ideas to grow your business success.
Network with fellow trainers, studio owners and managers and take home a wealth of knowledge and renewed passion to inspire greatness in your business, your clients and yourself.


Harness the potential of Small Group Training
Rick Mayo
Do you only use the traditional one-on-one training model for your PT business? Want to leverage your time and make more money without compromising the quality of your training? You can. In this dynamic session Rick, whose club delivers over fifty thousand Small Group Training (SGT) sessions annually, explores every facet of building, communicating and servicing this training modality. Discover how to transition your one-on-one clients into the SGT model while providing them with the same top-notch service that they deserve. Learn the process, take it home and implement it, and reap the rewards. 


From routine to remarkable
Peter Thurin

With a background in the highly competitive pharmacy industry, Peter draws on his two decades of experience taking on the ‘big boys’ and winning to reveal how to differentiate your training business from those of your competitors. Discover how, by placing a huge focus on delivering excellence, you can take every aspect of your service from routine to remarkable. Whether you train every client yourself or manage a team of trainers, you’ll be energised and inspired to create a business that prospective clients will queue up for.


Transform client behaviour with mindset coaching
Kathy McKenzie

Discover how adopting a coaching approach can help you facilitate lasting change in clients, while also increasing retention and creating a new revenue stream. To be a truly effective personal trainer, you need to understand not only what clients need to do technically, but also how to shift the mindsets that stop them from leading healthy, fit lifestyles. Kathy reveals how a coaching framework underpinned by neuroscience and positive psychology can empower you to create lasting change in clients’ behaviours – while also transforming your business.


Seven career-crushing mistakes every trainer makes
Thomas Plummer

The seven fatal mistakes that can crush your career can be avoided if you know what to expect and how these mistakes can affect you personally. The average trainer only lasts a few years in the industry before leaving for less stressful work and better pay. You can make good money in this business, and you can do it for a long time – but only if you learn how to avoid the common mistakes. Making money, changing lives and staying for the long haul is the name of the game. If you’re serious about a successful career in fitness, not just a short term job, Thomas is your man.


Generate leads and sell like a personal trainer to grow your client base in 30 days
Amanda Bracks

If you want to train more clients and grow your training business, you need to let people in your local community know what you can help them achieve. Learn how to use local area marketing strategies, networking, print, referrals and social media to generate quality leads – and find out how to convert them into clients without having to justify your price. Amanda shares proven methods that have helped single operator outdoor trainers grow from $45K to over $120K in a year, increased sessions delivered in clubs from 40 to over 300 a week, and feed a personal training franchise that facilitates 14,000 training sessions per week.  


Date: Thursday 9 April
Time: 9 – 5pm
Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre
Cost: Network Member: $449 • Non-member $549 OR Included in your PT Gold Pass registration
CECs: 3

The PT Business Summit includes a networking lunch and refreshment breaks throughout the day.