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Combining her unique blend of energy and enthusiasm, Stacey promotes wellness for every age and stage of life. As the Director of Freedom Health & Wellness, Stacey connects with people of all ages, cultures and demographics. She is a popular and well-regarded fitness professional and presenter.

Philip is the founder and director of Bespoke Leaders, a boutique learning and development consultancy focused on supporting emerging talent and future leaders accelerate their performance potential. A passionate learning specialist, Philip has an extensive background in personal and professional development having worked with Deloitte, UGL and FitPro (UK).

Currently is with Precor Australia as a Sales Executive since September 2012. Xen has consulted to global fitness equipment corporations, whilst also developing sales, allettsllealarketing, communication and retention strategies that have helped plan and launch over three hundred health clubs throughout the Asia Pacific region. Xen is Known as an Inspirational Leader in Change Management and a 30 year veteran of the Fitness industry.

Adrian is the general manager and sales manager for Gainesville Health and Fitness in Florida, USA, which includes a 75,000 square foot club with over 28,000 members. After graduating from the University of Florida, he quickly discovered his passion for fitness, the power of company culture, and the customer experience, sharing his insights via blogs on sites such as

Originally from Chile, Carolina is a personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor. Her passion for health and fitness also motivated her to become a health coach. A Zumba Fitness International Presenter, she runs Basic 1, Basic 2, Pro Skills, Zumba® Toning and Zumba Sentao™ Instructors Training Courses. She has also been a Zumba® Education Specialist in New Zealand, Australia and Thailand.

Michelle is a bestselling author, international motivational speaker, fitness trainer, mindset expert, wellness educator and television personality in Canada. A transformation specialist, she has facilitated the transformations of over 700 people worldwide and spoken to thousands through her events and programs. She is the creator of the Renovate your Life™ programs and events, host of her own fitness television show, Michelle’s Daily Sweat and sits on the Advisory Board as a mind body expert for STRONG magazine.

An established physiotherapist based in Perth, Trevor has previously worked with Cirque du Soleil as a performance medicine therapist in both New Zealand and China. Trevor is currently the Head of Dancer Wellbeing at the West Australian Ballet Company and co-director of AirYoga, the first and only aerial yoga school in Perth.

Libby is the founder and creator of BUF Girls, an online/offline female-based lifestyle and fitness program and the owner of AGOGA, an athletic training studio in Bondi, NSW. Libby focuses her entrepreneurial flair on creating emotive and engaging products and programs that help girls of all ages fall in love with fitness and live more energetic and healthy lives.

An ex-military physical training instructor with over 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Ken is a Master Trainer for Combine 360, ViPR, BOSU®, Twist Conditioning and Schwinn® Cycling. A director of Perform Better, a company specialising in fitness products, education and conditioning, he regularly presents internationally on topics ranging from aquatic fitness to boot camps.

With over 20 years’ fitness industry experience, Karen is a director of QPEC, a company specialising in fitness products, education, conditioning and CEC courses. An Australian Master Trainer for Combine 360, BOSU®, ViPR and Twist Sports Conditioning, she regularly presents in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Jordan is the director of education for Piloxing and Piloxing Barre, as well as the senior US Master Trainer for both programs and a certified private Pilates instructor. After years of performing leading roles on Broadway and touring with artists such as Taylor Swift, Bette Midler and Liza Minnelli, Jordan discovered Piloxing and a new passion was born. She is an international presenter and educator for the program, and has certified over 2,000 instructors across the world.

Claire has been involved in teaching dance and fitness for over 20 years. During her career she has taught almost everything in fitness from dance to circuits. More recently she has specialised in aquatic training and Pilates instruction, and is now focusing on sharing her wealth of knowledge and years of experience with fellow industry professionals. An AEA international trainer, she delivers training and workshops on behalf of the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA).

Vanessa is a high performance coach with Inside 80 Performance, a role in which she helps busy corporate clients maximise their productivity and achieve personal bests both in and out of the workplace. In addition to her 20 years’ experience in the financial services and health and fitness professions, she is a qualified group exercise instructor.

Manuela is a dual Winter Olympian in the sport of Mogul Skiing. With 10 years of competing on the World Cup Circuit, including two Winter Olympic Games and three World Championships, she retired in 2006 to start High Country Fitness in Jindabyne, NSW, the base for many of our current elite winter athletes. Manuela has 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, including working as a strength and conditioning coach for both the NSW Institute of Sport and the Olympic Winter Institute.

Rachel is a strategic marketer, brand and communications planner and business director with over 22 years’ experience leading and motivating people to drive and transform organisations to be customer-centric and brand-driven. Her roles span local, regional and global; marketing in Unilever, News Limited, Glenfiddich and Westpac; and consulting in brand, advertising and research agencies. Rachel founded The Healthy Brand Company as the brand consultancy that takes the healthy approach to business: motivating people to build healthy brand-driven business, inside and out.

Julie is a qualified nutritionist, specialising in pre and post natal nutrition and is currently completing her doctorate. As the head of education at Fit College New Zealand she oversees the strategic direction of the training and leads the teaching team. An increasingly familiar figure in the media, Julie has appeared in the Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Buzz Feed, Metro and the New Zealand Herald and been live on Seven Sharp in New Zealand, RTL Germany and Australia's Sunrise and 9 News.

A strength and conditioning coach, Matthew has 12 years’ industry experience working in different roles within teams from the NRL, AFL and the A-league. He is a lead coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness, NSW, as well as the director of Invictor, a fitness company that delivers ropes conditioning courses in Sydney.

Tony is a personal trainer and director of the Sydney-based Boutagy Fitness Institute, a strength training facility for personal training clients and an educational centre for personal trainers. He is a research fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast and on the editorial board of the Journal of Fitness Research. Tony is a former recipient of Australian Fitness Network’s Author of the Year award.

Thuy has presented her practical lectures and clinical research worldwide, including in Germany, Norway, Canada, Dubai, at Stanford University and at past FILEX conventions! She is an author, educator and clinician, with qualifications including Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor, Anatomy Trains Associate Lecturer and Pilates Instructor Trainer. Her dynamic presentations provide essential information for health, movement and fitness professionals alike.

With over 17 years’ experience in sales and marketing, Chantal is a fitness business coach with Active Management. She has spent more than 1,000 hours interviewing leading fitness business owners from all over the world for The Fitness Business Podcast, gaining insights into their successes, challenges and advice on winning in the fitness industry. As an accomplished personal trainer, Chantal combines technical knowledge with business strategies to support fitness business owners grow their businesses.

Lee is the president and co-owner of Functional Movement Systems, a consulting and education organisation focusing on a systematic approach to injury prevention and exercise programming. With a background primarily in sports medicine, he is an internationally recognised speaker and author focusing on human movement and performance enhancement. Lee is a certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Cameron is one of Australia’s leading personal trainers and lifestyle experts. With a celebrity clientele including former Spice Girl Mel B, radio host Jackie O, TV presenter Larry Emdur and recording artist Samantha Jade, he has built a reputation as an expert in his field. Cameron is also a featured writer for Men's Health and Women's Health magazines.

A professional speaker with thirty years’ industry experience, Glenn delivers messages of creativity, innovation and smarter thinking to audiences worldwide. In addition to this, he is an author, songwriter, radio and TV presenter, member of MENSA and a former ‘hobo’ who backpacked his way around the world for seven years… Glenn investigates better ways to use the brain, applying his unique, involving and entertaining style to teach audiences how to be better, smarter and wiser in today’s fast paced world.

Known for his dynamic and provocative style, Bobby is an internationally renowned speaker, bestselling author and consultant who develops and inspires trainers, managers and industry leaders globally to create remarkable results. The co-founder of PTA GLOBAL, he is currently the director of coaching for 24 Hour Fitness, and has held numerous positions in the industry, including personal trainer, sales consultant, corporate training and development director and director of professional development for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Luke is the founder and CEO of Discover Strength personal training in Minneapolis, USA. Discover Strength’s three studios are among the highest volume/revenue training facilities in the country. An American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified exercise physiologist with a masters in kinesiology from the University of Minnesota, Luke is also a sought-after speaker to businesses and leaders in a variety of industries.

With a decade of fitness industry experience to draw on, Andrew is a ViPR pro trainer, TRX, Trigger Point Therapy and kettlebell instructor, Twist Sports Conditioning Master Coach and BOSU® trainer. A former soldier, Australian Rules player and coach, and current martial artist, he has the experience and ability to apply movement and fun to any form of exercise.

LISA CHAMPION, MSc (Ex Sci) Grad Dip (Counselling)
Lisa is a multi-talented counsellor, exercise professional, educator and author. As a director of Australian Fitness Network she has positively influenced the development of the fitness industry in Australia for over 25 years. Her work as an exercise therapist specialising in pain issues lead to a counselling degree so that she could help clients grow and make positive changes through better self-awareness and understanding. Lisa is passionate about encouraging fitness professionals to enhance the mind-body connection through mindfulness.

With over 20 years’ industry experience, Ish is one of the world’s leading fitness presenters. The head of fitness for Les Mills New Zealand, he is internationally recognised throughout the health and fitness industries as a leader, educator and visionary.

The owner and founder of Gainesville Health & Fitness (GHF) centres in Florida, USA, Joe had a vision of what he wanted to accomplish since he was 21, but one day realised that unless everyone on his team had the same vision its potential would never be realised. He focused his efforts on motivating his team members to create his company’s vision, and today GHF is one of the best-known health clubs in the world.

A former member of the Australian rowing team, Andrew has a degree in psychology which enables him to bring a wealth of unique insights and experience to his teaching and instruction. Passionate about training and competition, Andrew is a Master Trainer for Schwinn and ShockWave, and has led the national launch of two signature programs for Fitness First.

A Wellness Coach trainer, Fiona has held numerous roles in the health, fitness and wellness industries over the past 30 years, including health club owner, university lecturer, keynote presenter and health retreat manager. She is passionate about helping people change their lifestyle habits in order to become the best they can be in all areas of their health and wellness, and she has trained over 2,000 health and wellness professionals in coaching skills.

Michael is the National Personal Training Manager for Fitness First Australia. With over ten years’ experience his role is to develop fitness products and programming throughout Fitness First clubs both here and abroad. He has overseen the development of thousands of personal trainers through his involvement with Fitness First’s induction and development programs. A Master Trainer for both TRX and ViPR, Michael also recently presented at the IHRSA fitness convention in the US.

With over 25 years’ experience in martial arts and boxing and 11 years in the corporate world, Hays combined his skills of project management, education, business planning, and people leadership to create Australian Combat & Exercise, a sports science and education business. He has presented the innovative boxing for fitness course to over 1,000 personal trainers and exercise physiologists. As a coach, Hays has trained a number of professional title-winning fighters IN boxing, kickboxing and MMA.

An internationally recognised industry-leader in human movement and performance, Michol is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Motion, inventor of ViPR and co-founder of PTA Global. As an international lecturer and educator, he has authored numerous articles on human design and function. Michol has served as Adjunct Faculty at the University of San Francisco in the Department of Sports Science. His highly innovative techniques have been adopted by many of the top international fitness certification bodies.

The club industry has labelled Brent a ‘Texas talent’ and ‘industry treasure’ – ‘part preacher, part teacher, and part reacher’. For over three decades the former IHRSA Board of Directors Chairman has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the industry, and continues to share his experiences through presenting and consulting. His messages have reached audiences across the world and been translated into seven different languages. In addition to his consulting practice, Brent also chairs several industry REX Roundtables.

MARK DAVIS, BAppSc (Physio), BEd (PhysEd) 
Mark is a physiotherapist with an extensive background in gym-based rehabilitation and over 25 years experience in the fitness industry. A former master coach with the Australian Institute of Fitness, Mark has been involved with the preparation of thousands of fitness professionals. In 2011 Mark was the recipient of the Australian Fitness Industry Presenter of the Year award. Mark is currently undertaking PhD studies at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

LIZ DENE, BHMS, Grad Dip Sc (Nut)
Liz is a qualified nutritionist and exercise specialist with over 17 years’ experience in all areas of health, fitness and nutrition. She has been instrumental in developing the Australian fitness industry through her involvement in curriculum development on training and education boards. A regular guest presenter on various TV networks, Liz’s goal is to bring people’s lives back into balance through healthy eating and exercise.

Effe has over 20 years’ experience teaching and managing group fitness. Both a national and international presenter, she was an Australian Fitness Network Master Trainer for the Indoor Cycling Experience program, and was a part of the Australian Schwinn Master Trainer Indoor Cycle team. An accomplished and well-respected instructor and instructor mentor, Effe’s passion lies in the development, education and training of fitness professionals.

Melony is the founder of Fitness Faktor, the preferred supplier of PT business consulting for Anytime Fitness. She is a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, NLP practitioner, life coach, personal trainer and PTA Global faculty member. For the past 20 years she has worked in a broad range of management and leadership roles both within Australia and overseas.

Laraine's fitness industry accolades – Australian Fitness Industry Lifetime Achievement and Australian Fitness Professional of the Year – reflect her passion for her work. Her areas of specialty range from aquatic exercise to healthy ageing. Laraine's diverse expertise includes delivering innovative classes and presenting at international conferences.

For 20 years Donna has inspired, educated and motivated fitness instructors to become their own unique, personal best. Donna has combined her extensive experience as a cycling expert, international presenter, writer and business owner to create the world’s first online cycling portal, Cycle Excel. As an active Master Trainer for Cycle Excel she offers three levels of courses, from beginner to advanced, all of which offer new training ideas, CECs and PDPs.

A professional boxer and an exercise science student, Cameron is the current Victorian state super lightweight champion. With his extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge of human performance he has a deep understanding of the biomechanics, physiology and requirements of boxing. Cameron works as a physical performance coach and boxing trainer at FightFit Boxing Centre in South Melbourne, and has previously worked with AFL, NRL and RU clubs.

A Level 2 Master Class Coach and the assistant director of performance nutrition at Precision Nutrition, Adam works with a multitude of professional athletes and fitness professionals. A certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), he has worked as strength coach and nutrition coordinator for the NFL's Carolina Panthers, Eastern Michigan University, and the University of Louisville.

Karen has 24 years industry experience as a PT, fitness counselor, group fitness instructor and journalist. For 12 years she was a Cluster Group Fitness Manager for Fitness First. During this time, she played an integral part in the development of the Finishing First instructor mentoring program. For the past 14 years, Karen has presented convention sessions and workshops throughout Australasia, Africa, Canada and the US.

Mike is a fitness innovator who focuses strongly on bodyweight training, skills-based practices and multi-planar, fluid movement. As the founder/president of Global Bodyweight Training (GBT), he has developed numerous projects providing training, education, and promotion of bodyweight training disciplines, and is the creator of the popular Animal Flow program. Mike has been featured in Men’s HealthShape, and Fitness magazine, and appeared on The Doctors and Good Morning America.

ADAM FLOYD, BSc (Physio) BPE (Hons)
Adam graduated dux of his physiotherapy class in 1997 and has been working in private practice for 17 years. He is the director of Regenerate Physiotherapy in Perth, WA, which incorporates a commercial rehabilitation facility. The centre specialises in exercise programs for clients with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, spinal pain and other musculo-skeletal injuries and pain. He presents nationally and internationally at industry conferences and is the creator of the GymED series of Rehab DVDs.

Lynsey has worked internationally as a presenter, Master Trainer and PT specialising in group training and club coaching. She uses her background and experience in the fitness industry and her passion for education to head up fitness training and content marketing for Australia's largest sports retailer.

Named Australian Fitness Network's Author of the Year in 2012, Dom's passion for aquatic fitness is contagious. Since 1993 he has delivered dynamic water workouts and now presents training to new and current instructors across Australia. Founder of and author of numerous articles, Dom continually aspires to inspire.

Lynley is a dynamic teacher, educator, convention presenter and remedial therapist. With 24 years’ experience working in the fitness industry, she has a strong focus on mind body fitness. A graduate of the Victorian College of The Arts, she also holds diplomas in remedial massage and arts dance.

Stephanie is an educator with Melbourne-based Breathe Education, delivering training in anatomy, biomechanics, clinical Pilates and gym assessment. A former Stott Pilates instructor trainer and fully certified across a range of Pilates trainings, she owns and manages armaturepilates in Brunswick, VIC. When not training instructors or teaching, she is the Herald Sun's dance and circus critic.

Debi has been teaching aqua fitness for over two decades, firstly in South Africa and then in Australia when she moved to Sydney in 2000. In addition to deep and shallow aqua, Debi teaches Zumba and Gymstick H2O.

David is the president of Franvest Capital Partners, a private investment firm with investments in World Health Edmonton, a chain of 10 fitness clubs in Edmonton, Canada, and Orangetheory Fitness, a franchise chain with 300 locations, and nutrition company Fresh Fit Foods. He has participated in the purchase and sale of dozens of companies, including fitness club chains. He is the president of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada and a past board member of IHRSA.

Formerly a professional dancer from the UK, Sally has over 15 years of experience within the physiotherapy and fitness industries. Her Sydney-based business Pro-align integrates clinical Pilates with functional corrective exercise. She is a national ViPR instructor for Perform Better Australia and also presents workshops on holistic health and corrective exercise rehab for dancers throughout Australia.

With a background in physiotherapy and kinesiology, Douglas is the developer of the Be Activated system for achieving both immediate and long-term results when working with the body. In addition to using it in his own practice with elite sportspeople and teams, Douglas’ pioneering approach is used globally in a wide variety of settings, with health and fitness professionals he has trained applying it with their everyday clients and patients.

DAN HENDERSON, BA (Sport & Exercise Management)
The owner of The Australian Institute of Kettlebells, Dan is a dynamic presenter who delivers courses to fitness professionals worldwide. He has created accredited courses in many functional training modalities including kettlebells, powerbags and battling ropes. He has contributed to several industry publications.

As a professional 'head-mechanic' Ali has worked with them all. From executives through to people suffering with chronic pain, Alison specialises in assisting individuals and teams transition through the tough stuff. Writes bestsellers in her spare time

After playing professional ice hockey in the Czech Republic, Jan moved to Australia where he combined his athletic experience and understanding of functional movement to open his own training studio. Jan and his partner Chantel opened EvoPrime Fitness with emphasis on movement, functional medicine nutrition, recovery and mindset. During the past three years, Jan became an ambassador for Institute of Motion under the guidance of Michol Dalcourt and his team and became a national ViPR presenter for Perform Better.

Sarina has been called the ‘Indian Jane Fonda’ as she has pioneered the introduction of Indian dance to the US fitness market. Recognised as a global game changer in the group exercise realm, she successfully moves, touches and inspires many people around the world with her knowledge and passion for Bhangra and Bollywood. She recently celebrated 15 years since the inception of her Masala Bhangra workout concept.

Mid-way through an engineering degree an epiphany led Michael to the fitness industry, and he’s never looked back. After seven years of delivering personal training at highly respected club No 1 Martin Place in Sydney, he moved to Primal Fitness training studio in Double Bay. Five years on Michael runs a team of 4 PTs in Sydney and presents nationally on a variety of topics.

Meghan is a lecturer and Exercise Therapy program coordinator at the Australian Institute of Fitness.  Her career in fitness began in the global girl’s BMX bicycle racing circuit, where she maintained top 10 standing, after becoming Canadian Champion.  Her focus then shifted to basketball, a sport which she has coached at a university level and played semi-professionally.  Her experiences as an athlete, educational portfolio (Sports Scientist and Kinesiologist) and enthusiastic character have shaped her as a formidable leader in fitness.

Steve has been involved in the fitness industry for more than two decades. As the founder and CEO if Impact Training Corporation and the National Sales Academy he has help boost the profits of thousands of fitness businesses Steve is a certifies DISC presenter who presents at conventions worldwide. He is also the creator and master presenter of the popular Public Speaking and Presentation Mastery courses.

Kathy’s fitness career began when she was awarded a scholarship for Fitness First St Leonards as a PT in 2008 after completing Certificate III and IV in Fitness – and she has never looked back! Each week Kathy teaches basic training, boxing, aqua and Zumba to packed out classes. In 2014 Kathy was named Australian Fitness Network’s Group Exercise Instructor of the Year.

The owner of a successful Queensland-based club, Michael is one of the Australiasian directors for MYZONE and CFM and is a board member for Fitness Australia. He is an international speaker, and has consulted with over 500 clubs in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada.

A Reebok sponsored presenter and mind body specialist, Beko has been promoting exercise, health and wellbeing for over 20 years via tutoring, assessing, master training, concept development, television appearances, DVD features and magazine articles. He is the director of F3 Taiji & Qigong Academy, assistant director of Budokon UK and founder of F3 Yoga School.

Joy has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, many of which were spent coaching top level athletes across Canada. After discovering YogaFit in 2007, she completed her 200 RYT and 500 RYT Yoga teacher trainings through YogaFit. The owner of Enjoy Yoga Studio, Joy is also E-RYT 200 And E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. She holds a group exercise certification and is also certified in Pilates, PiYo and the Silver Sneakers fitness program.

Shira is one of Australia’s leading women’s health and fitness professionals. An experienced physiotherapist, fitness leader, presenter and business leader, she is the founder of BeActive, a successful enterprise that has consulted to over 4,000 women at various stages of their pre- and post-natal journeys. A renowned global speaker and mentor for women's health and wellness, Shira’s passion is to keep women active during all ages and stages in life.

Len is the program coordinator of exercise science and researcher at the University of New Mexico, where he received the Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. Among other accolades, he was honoured with the 2009 Canadian Fitness Professional Specialty Presenter of the Year award and chosen as the American Council on Exercise 2006 Fitness Educator of the Year.

Sales expert Annette is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs increase their success to make real money. She has trained thousands of individuals and consulted to hundreds of companies over the past 13 years, from sole traders and SME’s to BRW-listed corporates like Ezypay, Sanity Music, Dusk, Bras N Things, Flexi-Rent and Pernod Ricard Australia. Annette teaches an authentic and ‘non-salesy’ process that makes for a more comfortable selling experience.

Australian Sports Physiotherapist Ulrik Larsen believes passionately that Exercise Professionals need specialised tools and skills in order to deal competently and confidently with their clients’ niggling injuries - without becoming a Physio themselves! For the last 8 years, Ulrik and his team of elite international Sports Physio Educators have conducted boutique face-to-face REHAB TRAINER courses around the world, specializing in muscle imbalance correction and functional movement retraining for the purpose of managing and reducing injuries
Dedicated to the life-enhancing benefits of functional movement, Marin is a TRX Master Instructor and owner of TRX Training Sydney, the first licensed TRX Training studio outside of the US. A lululemon Athletica Ambassador, he is also a certified Trigger Point Performance Master Trainer, ViPR Pro Trainer and SandBell instructor. Marin is a former member of the New Zealand Men’s Water Polo Team and also competed in the Australian National Water Polo League for the Balmain Tigers.

A passionate and intensely driven movement therapist, Vanessa is a firm advocate for continued education and training, not only for herself but for the whole health and wellness industry. She works closely with one-on-one clients and small group training, and also mentors personal trainers. She is also committed to group exercise and is currently on a committee programming national classes for Virgin Active Australia.

An exercise physiologist specialising in holistic health and exercise, Dave is the co-owner of the Kaizen Institute of Health in QLD. He has a long history in high-performance sport conditioning as the head trainer for the New Zealand Black Sox, Hockey NZ and golf for several World Championships and Olympic Games. Dave lectures internationally to health professionals on integrating a holistic approach to health and fitness.

With over 20 years’ experience as an active educator, Tanja has key expertise in aquatic exercise therapy and wellbeing programs. She delivers workshops to health professionals, remote communities and staff in spa resorts. Tanja is the founder of and the Health and Wellbeing Officer for vulnerable women’s health care in WA.

Tracey is an international fitness and wellness expert, dancer, choreographer and master Pilates instructor. Originally from the UK, in 1996 she moved to LA where she owns a fitness and Pilates studio. The author of two fitness books, Tracey has also sold over a million units of her award winning fitness DVDs. For the past seven years she has been certifying trainers worldwide in her industry-leading barre fitness workout, bootybarre.

Rose is Editor of Fitness Pro (formerly Ultra Fit), and Clean Eating magazines. She is a successful author of two books, with ‘The Essential Guide to Fitness’ now in 3rd edition and her next book ‘The Fit Busy Mum: 7 Habits to Success’ is due out in 2016! Rose is also a subject matter expert for the Australian Institute of Fitness.

With over 20 years’ experience lecturing within the health and fitness industries, Merrin is regarded as an expert both in her role as educator in specific exercise programs, and in managing injuries. Based in Sydney, NSW, she is the director of Active Anatomy physiotherapy and Active Anatomy health professional education.

A leading performance and productivity coach, for the past 15 years Andrew has worked with a variety of clients to improve individual and team performance. He began his career as an elite middle distance athlete before studying exercise physiology and sports coaching, working with the Australian Cricket team, the AFL Sydney Swans and Olympic athletes. He presents internationally, writes the ‘Performance Matters’ blog for the Sydney Morning Herald and is the author of several bestsellers including Switched On Health and Wellbeing Professionals.

Cam is a Brisbane-based Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Accredited Practising Dietitian. He recently completed his PhD research into the effects of omega-3 and exercise on body composition in breast cancer survivors, and his current drive is directed towards enhancing brain health, physical function and quality of life for people of all ages. Cam is passionate about translating complicated mechanisms of health into simple and practical advice for fellow health and fitness professionals.

Jacinta launched the highly successful US franchise Anytime Fitness with her brother Justin and business partner Richard Peil into Australia in 2008. It is now Australia’s number one health club chain. Jacinta recently started her own foundation, the Human Kind Project, which raises funds for worthy not for profit organisations in their bids to end global hunger and poverty. The Human Kind Project is invested in mindset change, encouraging and empowering people and businesses to create change.

With an extensive background in fitness and strength and conditioning, Mark is a Research Fellow heading up 'Fitness Research' at University of the Sunshine Coast. With over 20 years’ fitness industry experience, he has provided consulting services to sporting and fitness organisations and conducted workshops and lectures both nationally and internationally.

The director of FIREUP Coaching, a leading RTO in the area of accredited coach training, Kathy designed and developed FIREUP’s flagship programs, a Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring (22233VIC) and Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching (22031VIC). She is also the creator of a Mindset Coaching program specifically designed for fitness professionals.

Dee is a Les Mills Senior Trainer and a skills coach for the MMA Fitness Presenting Team. Since 1998 she has educated thousands of fitness professionals in Australia and Asia. Dee has developed training programs for new instructors and elite industry trainers/presenters, specialising in martial arts and yoga-based programs.

James is co-founder of MMA Fitness, the provider of Australia's first nationally accredited Mixed Martial Arts courses designed for fitness professionals. An experienced Thai boxing, boxing and karate coach, he works as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and provides technique development for the Gracie Barra MMA Fight Team and stand-up technique coaching for MMA fighters.

Michael understands what it takes to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Widely recognized for having his finger on the pulse of business and culture, he has helped some of the world’s best-known brands navigate change and stay ahead of the curve. As a leading specialist in demographic shifts, change management and future trends, Michael features regularly as a commentator on TV and radio and has written four bestselling books. In 2015, Michael was named Australia’s Keynote Speaker of the Year and was inducted into the Speakers Halls of Fame.

Marietta is an award winning Australian presenter and Australian Fitness Network Ambassador with over 20 years’ teaching experience in both land- and water-based group exercise. She is also the World Master Trainer and education coordinator for Gymstick International and Pelvic Floor Ambassador for Continence Foundation Australia. Marietta has developed a unique mentoring system based on accelerated learning that has provided the fitness industry with many highly skilled instructors and presenters.

Fusing a business background with yoga and fitness, Angela firmly believes in the power of play and living a life in balance. A Master Trainer, Yoga teacher and Certified Accountant, Angela’s goal is simple - to help people achieve their goals with a lighthearted approach, a smile and an invitation to explore freedom.

With many years’ experience lecturing in fitness nutrition, naturopathy and disease management, Teresa has a fun and engaging presentation style. Currently practicing in an integrated medicine practice and lecturing at bachelor level, she believes that research can drive everyone to success in the health care business. Teresa has appeared on television and radio, and in the print media and academic publications.

Davin has been the CEO of Debitsuccess for the past four years. Debitsuccess is Australasia’s largest full service Direct Debit initiator, processing over $1billion of transactions each year. Davin holds a bachelor of commerce and a graduate diploma of human resource management.

Jackie is the creative magic in a family company that inspires millions of people to get up and move every week. As chief creative officer of Les Mills International she is responsible for the development of all LES MILLS workouts. Jackie is a specialist in nutritional medicine, an obstetrician and general medical practitioner. A former national gymnast and aerobics champion, she is also tertiary qualified in physical education.

An experimental movement enthusiast, technical perfectionist by default, and hardcore determinist by choice, Shimi is a trained yoga coach and the creator of the Controlled Strength method. She brings with her years of experience in perfecting her art and journeying with individuals who choose to immerse themselves in the lifestyle that is yoga-based movement, and take their strength and mobility to the next level, in record time, through inversion and arm balance transitions.

Perry is the founder of Stop Chasing Pain and Pain Laser Center, LLC. He is the creator of the Primal Rehab: Moving Beyond Mobility course, which is dedicated to teaching people how to move smarter, move better and feel great.

Starting her career as a fitness professional in 1999, Kirsty has established herself as one of the leading freestyle instructors in SA. She is group fitness manager of Blackwood Fitness, one of SA’s leading freestyle gyms. Holding regular workshops and training for instructors, Kirsty is passionate about keeping freestyle classes on club timetables and training instructors in the art of freestyle.

Claire has spent the past 30 years studying health and wellness and has a passion for simplifying the complexities of the human body. Her varied occupations, including those of midwife, yoga teacher and academic, have inspired her to share her knowledge with her peers. Claire currently runs a successful personal training business, teaches group exercise classes and develops instructor training courses.

As the owner and founder of EYE Fitness, David has built the Excite Your Environment brand to be the Australasian fitness industry’s leading provider of innovative fitness concepts. He is passionate about getting more people involved in exercise through engaging products and programs.

Recipient of Australian Fitness Network’s Personal Trainer of the Year award 2014, Nardia is a fitness industry expert with over 15 years’ experience in personal training, coaching and educating fitness leaders. An integrative training expert, she is renowned for her effective coaching methods and ability to guide clients and students to fulfil their true potential.

Ian is a business owner, educator, trainer, author, Master Trainer and mentor. He focuses on many of the controversial facets of training and constantly challenges traditional methodology to strive for optimal wellness and performance through more intelligent motion. By transforming complex science and research into user-friendly applications, he has helped clients across a spectrum of pain and dysfunction, from the sedentary to chronically injured and elite.

MATT O'NEILL, MSc (Nut&Diet)
Matt is the dietitian/nutritionist on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, director of the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management and creator of the Metabolic Jumpstart weight management system. He’s a dynamic speaker on a mission – Mission Metabolism – to jumpstart the nation to eat well and move more.

Stephen is a driven and enthusiastic fitness professional with over 18 years’ industry experience as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness manager, presenter, mentor, educator and assessor. After successful early careers in sport aerobics and ballet training, his focus is now on program development, and he heads up the Sky Fit team nationally. Stephen draws inspiration from the people he works with and the lives he helps improve through fitness.

Portia has taught group exercise, Pilates and other mindful movement modalities for over 20 years. Her experience includes teacher training through Les Mills and as a Balanced Body faculty member, presenting internationally and creating and starring in Pilates and group exercise videos.

After many years of fitness leadership, Steve has become a highly respected figure in the industry. He has worked with some of the world's leading fitness providers, including Les Mills Asia Pacific, Zest Health Clubs and Les Mills International. He is now the CEO of the Australian Institute of Fitness, QLD, and is currently completing his MBA.

A former Australian Fitness Network Presenter of the Year and writer and host of Pilates TV Australia, Zosha is passionate about inspiring people to find happiness and balance in their life through movement, whole-food nutrition and positive spirit. With a background in exercise science, Pilates, nutrition and health coaching, Zosha has established her own business, ZWellness, in Hong Kong and is the creator of Play-Lates™, Pilates for kids.

John (JP) is a movement conditioner with the philosophy of training the human being, not the human body. Owner of JP Active in Perth, he works with a wide range of people, from those with extreme restriction through to professional sportspeople. JP has taught workshops across Australia and New Zealand and is a regular presenter at FILEX. He is tirelessly driven to share what he loves – a passion for wellness with movement.

Dr Helena is a medical doctor and leading authority on brain plasticity and its relationship to obesity. She graduated from the University of Sydney and is the founder of Winning at Slimming - thinking the light way, a ground-breaking fat loss program based on changing the brain to change the body. She is also a best-selling author and international speaker whose philosophy is ‘education is more powerful than medication’.

With a background in both exercise science and sports nutrition, Taryn has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. She is an international instructor trainer, fitness presenter and the host and creative director of the international TV show Aerobics Oz Style. Taryn lives in Sydney where she owns a Pilates studio and a holistic lifestyle and nutrition practise.