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Emma Barry
Based in California (USA), Emma is an observer and catalyst. A founding member of group fitness programming juggernaut Les Mills International and previous Director of Group Fitness Programming for luxury-lifestyle brand Equinox, Emma has enjoyed numerous senior roles in group fitness programming, product development, global training, and people and culture. A prolific writer, sought-after speaker and mentor, Emma is fluent in what happens next in fitness and wellness. Armed with 25 years of stories you'd rather forget, Emma is a regular contributor to international business forums, trend panels and women's events. 

Michael Battaglia
Mike is a PT Manager with Fitness First Australia. Entering his 17th year with Fitness First and the fitness industry, Mike finds a balance between personally and professionally developing trainers, continuing work with his personal clients and, most importantly, spending time with his family. Mike is a regular contributor and facilitator to Fitness First’s induction program, which enables him with the opportunity to shape the future of countless fitness professionals.

Joanne Bezzina 
Jo is an educator and examiner for international training organisation, Polestar Pilates. And when she's not running Sydney Centred Pilates Studio, you can find her classes online, on the international subscription website Pilates Anytime. She was recently named the winner of the 2017 Pilates Anytime Next Teacher Contest, and she holds a position on the committee of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia, of which she is also a Principal Trainer level member. As part of her support to up and coming Pilates instructors, Jo offers regular study groups to trainee teachers, mentors local physiotherapists and Pilates instructors, and she is also a regular blog author for Spirited Pilates.

Stephen Bird
Associate Professor Stephen Bird, PhD, BHMvt (Hons), CSCS, AEP, RNutr, is a senior academic within sport and exercise science, through the College of Healthcare Sciences, James Cook University, Cairns. With over 15 years’ experience teaching and researching in sports science, and strength and conditioning, A/Prof Bird has been responsible for overseeing physical preparation of pre-elite and elite youth athletes, as well as professional athletes in Australia and Indonesia. As part of the Indonesian Olympic Contingent, he attended both the 2008 Beijing and 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and in 2016 he was named the ASCA Mentor Coach of the Year.

Matthew Boulous
A strength and conditioning coach, Matthew has 12 years’ industry experience working in different roles within teams, including the NRL, AFL and the A-league. He is a Lead Coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness NSW, as well as the Director of Invictor, a fitness company that delivers ropes conditioning courses in Sydney.

Teresa Boyce
Teresa is a qualified registered nutritionist, the Head of Nutrition at the KPMG Performance Clinic, and also the onsite Nutritionist at Natural Therapy Associates. She specialises in a range of health issue including obesity, diabetes/pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, sports nutrition, and stress and anxiety. She regularly appears on Weekend Sunrise on Channel 7, and writes on a variety of health and nutrition topics.

James Breese
Before founding Strength Matters, James was a member of the Metropolitan Police Force in London. After 10 years of service, James decided to pursue his passion and travel the world working with Everyday Athletes and coaches to try and change the lives of a billion people. He loves cricket, rugby, snowboarding, coffee and live music.

Thuy Bridges
As the author of Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape and Director of PhysioWISE physiotherapy clinics, Thuy's extensive understanding of the way the body works, forms the basis for her compelling presentations. This combination of advanced clinical knowledge, enthusiasm for her topic, and a long history of presenting on a global stage, ensures her audiences always gain great insight from the mix of theory and practical information she presents.

Chantal Brodrick
Chantal worked for 15 years in senior sales and marketing roles in the media industry before transitioning careers. She began as a qualified PT and group fitness instructor and later became a Fitness Business Coach with Active Management, upon realising this role would enable her to help even more people succeed in the industry. In 2015 she became the host of The Fitness Business Podcast, which is the world's top ranked podcast for fitness business owners, managers and fitpreneurs.

Marc Bubbs
Dr Marc Bubbs is a licensed naturopathic doctor, speaker, former strength coach and Director of Nutrition for the Canadian Men's Olympic Basketball Team. He is the author of The Paleo Project: The 21st Century Guide to Looking Leaner, Getting Stronger, and Living Longer, and a regular contributor to Breaking Muscle, Re-Find HealthandPaleoDiet.comas well as the nutrition advisory board member for Strong Magazine. Dr Bubbs presents at health, fitness and medical conferences across Canada, USA, UK and Europe and consults with professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB.

Simon Bungate
Simon has coached Olympic track athletes, trained NRL teams and created a transformation program that has changes thousands of lives. Most recently, Simon opened Clean Shred, which is one of the biggest transformation and performance centres in Australia, as well as Chalk Strength, a new equipment company that specialises in servicing new gyms or upgrades. Simon is passionate about helping gyms to succeed, and is committed to promoting systems that improve athlete and life performance in the fight against obesity, illness and disease.

Peta Carige
Peta is an accredited sports dietitian with over 12 years experience working with elite athletes. Currently, she consults to Australian Rugby Union’s Rugby 7s, Waratahs Rugby Union, and Manly Sea Eagles. She has also worked privately throughout her career. Peta is currently passionate about the opportunity to further assist her clients achieve their health goals, by combining her knowledge around the emerging area of genetics, with her expertise in weight loss.

Andrew “Chaddy” Chadwick
Chaddy’s natural ability to apply science and intuition to movement ensures he makes education compelling, yet fun. Named Australian Fitness Network’s 2017 Presenter of the Year, his driving passion is now to create enhanced health for all, by helping people create energy and longevity through coaching, play and movement.

Lisa Champion
Lisa is a multi-talented counsellor, exercise professional, educator and author. In her role as a Director of Australian Fitness Network, she has had a positive influence on the Australian fitness industry for more than 25 years. As an exercise therapist, Lisa specialised in working with people with pain issues and special needs. Upon seeing the strong link between chronic pain and emotion, she pursued a Counselling Degree to assist her in deepening her work. Lisa now runs a private counselling practice, where she helps clients grow and make positive changes through self-awareness, acceptance and validation of their emotional experiences.

Katrina Cochrane
With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Katrina is a popular presenter, both nationally and internationally. As the owner of Sports Training Solutions, Katrina specialises in working with elite athletes, sporting teams, small groups and special populations. A popular international presenter, Katrina continually educates and inspires health and fitness professionals around the world with new and innovative training concepts and ideas. As a Master Coach with the Australian Institute of Fitness, she has influenced hundreds of upcoming PTs.

Miriam Jaclyn Cohen
Miriam has 16 years of fitness industry experience across various positions. In 2010, she joined Les Mills Asia Pacific as an Account Manager. Miriam has worked with over 700 clubs globally with experience in Canada, Brazil, Malaysia and Australia. After completing a business degree, she worked in management in the hotel industry before transitioning full time into fitness as a Regional Manager. She completed an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Diploma and Life Coaching Level 1 and 2 certifications to help her further develop her team. Miriam uses her business and life coaching skills to help clubs protect themselves against market shifts, and grow memberships in an increasingly diverse and competitive landscape.

Fiona Cosgrove
Fiona has a history of 30 years in the health, fitness and wellness industries. A former club owner, university lecturer, keynote presenter, author and wellness coach, Fiona founded currently heads up Wellness Coaching Australia, which is the leading health coach training organisation in Australia.  

Joseph Coyne
Joseph is an exercise physiologist and sport scientist from the Gold Coast. He is currently the Physical Preparation Coach for the Chinese Athletics Association's jump and sprints section, where he oversees the rehabilitation and strength and power training for China’s best track and field athletes. In the lead up to the Rio Olympics, Joseph was the Performance Manager at the Chinese Olympic Committee’s National Sports Training Centre in Beijing. Impressively, at the 2016 Olympics, the athletes supported by this program won 34 medals (including 19 gold medals). 

Michael Cunico
Michael is the National Personal Training Manager for Fitness First Australia, responsible for driving fitness programming innovations and the PT business of an organisation with a team of around 1,200 trainers. Michael has spent most of his fitness career working directly with trainers and has educated thousands of trainers both in Australia and abroad.

Michael Crossland
Raw, Real and Truly life changing is the best way to describe Michael Crossland.... He is one extraordinary young man who has defied the odds of not only life threatening cancer as a baby but was the only survivor of a horrific trial drug that killed all except Michael. He continues the battle to this very day and spending nearly a 1/4 of his life in hospital he is a true fighter. Despite all of this, he has built a life of exceptional achievements.  A young man who was told only what he could not do has not stopped him from showing the world that he could. An accomplished businessman and an elite sportsman, his life is a remarkable success. Michael is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers and after releasing his first ‘tell all’ autobiography in 2016, he is now a number 1 bestselling author across 6 different countries. As seen on Sunrise, Studio 10, Daily Edition, Australian Stories, MTV, Fox Sports News to name just a few. Michael speaks to CEOs, Corporates, business leaders, schools /colleges and professional sporting organisations around the world.  In the past 12 months his total audience numbers both nationally and internationally exceed 250,000. 

Hays Daewoud
Hays is a returning FILEX presenter and the Founder of ACE Martial Arts and Boxing, and Australian Combat and Exercise, a sports science and education business. As a coach, Hays has trained a number of professional fighters over the years in boxing, kickboxing and MMA, with many of them winning international titles.

Michol Dalcourt
Michol has served as an Adjunct Faculty at the University of San Francisco in the Department of Sports Science and also as Faculty at the NAIT College School of Health Sciences. Michol’s highly innovative techniques have been adopted by many of the top international fitness certification bodies. Michol has delivered hundreds of lectures all over the globe and has been a featured speaker at most of the world’s top fitness conferences, clubs and educational facilities. A specialist in health and human performance, Michol has worked with many of the world’s leading fitness brands including Microsoft and Nike.

Abi Davey
Abi is the Sydney City Manager for MINDBODY.  The City Managers are part of a new initiative to put feet in the street in major metro areas and a friendly face to MINDBODY.  Connecting the local community to all things MINDBODY, running education and networking events.

Michelle Dean
A former Australian Fitness Network Presenter of the Year recipient, Michelle has 30 years’ fitness industry experience as an Instructor, educator, manager, athlete and presenter. Her previous roles include Co-Host on Aerobics Oz Style, Reebok-sponsored athlete, Les Mills DVD Presenter and Les Mills Training Manager. Michelle is now the Arena Content and Programming Assistant for Go Health Clubs in Brisbane, where she is responsible for creating new workouts and training instructors.

Luke Del Vecchio
Dr Luke Del Vecchio has a PhD in Sports Science. An experienced educator, researcher and specialist in human performance, Luke has been presenting and lecturing on health, fitness, exercise and sports science for over 15 years. Luke is the Head of Sports Science at Australian Combat and Exercise (ACE).

Liz Dene
Liz is an acclaimed and highly sought after international presenter, corporate wellness consultant and one of Australia's most experienced exercise and nutritional specialists. She is a regular television presenter whose previous roles include Flexibility Coach for the ARU Wallabies, Head of Education at Australian Fitness Network, and Consultant to brands such as Westpac, Channel 7, Lend Lease, LuLuLemon, Byron Yoga and ChiBall International. Liz is currently a Senior Lecturer for a Bachelor of Health Science and Nutritional Medicine course.

Marena & Christopher Digby
Leading Pilates practitioners, Marena and Chris Digby from Positive Action Pilates, offer a combined 30 years of Pilates and fitness experience. Having trained alongside first and second-generation teachers throughout the world, they are regularly invited to present at fitness conventions, have co-authored a book, and appeared in Pilates DVDs.  Chris and Marena are also the Creators of the new and only Certificate IV in the Authentic Pilates Method, which was founded in the national fitness training package.

Dom Dos Remedios
Dom is the owner and CEO of the Personal Training Academy (PTA), one of Australia’s premier fitness education providers. While his passion now lies in creating and delivering health and fitness education, he previously spent over a decade as the National Fitness Manager for Fitness First, Australia, and National Personal Training Manager for Crunch Fitness, USA. Dom graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Education (Human Movement with Honours) and is proud PTA Global Faculty member.

Laraine Dunn
A former recipient of Australian Fitness Network’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Laraine is a highly experienced national and international presenter with a string of impressive credentials and achievements. Laraine epitomises successful, fun and fearless ageing, and she is passionate about supporting seniors’ health and wellness. Laraine thrives on walking the talk, and she is most proud of the clients she works with, four of whom are older than 90 years, and eight of whom have attended her fitness classes for more than 20 years.

Todd Durkin
Todd is an internationally recognised fitness trainer, coach, an Amazon best-selling author, and speaker who works with some of the highest level athletes in the NFL, MLB, MMA, and Olympic Games. Todd owns Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, which is an award-winning gym that has been named a Top 10 Gym in the US five years in a row by Men’s Health. Todd leads a team of 38 employees and runs a Mastermind Group for hundreds of fitness professionals. He was also ranked in the “Top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness” alongside Tony Robbins, Dr Oz, and Michelle Obama. Todd is part of the Under Armour Training Team, and he is also a recipient of the Jack LaLanne Award for creating lasting legacy and impact in the fitness world.
Nikola Ellis
A certified yoga therapist and psychotherapist, Nikola trains yoga and health professionals in the healing principles of yoga therapy. Fusing ancient yoga techniques with cutting-edge neuroscience, Nikola developed Australia's first accredited 650hr Yoga Therapy Training where she encourages students to dig deep in the pursuit of optimal health – body, mind and spirit. Founder of Adore Yoga in Sydney, Nikola also consults on therapeutic yoga programs for organisations including Cancer Council NSW, Sydney Children's Hospital Network, the Butterfly Foundation, RSL Defence Care and A Sound Life.

Mike Fitch
Mike is a leading fitness educator with more than 18 years’ experience in the industry. As President of Global Bodyweight Training and Creator of the Animal Flow program, he’s introduced innovative bodyweight training concepts to thousands of individuals around the world. Mike draws upon a wide range of fitness training including bodyweight and movement disciplines, corrective exercise and kettlebells, to name a few. Mike’s impressive achievements have seen him featured in numerous media outlets, including the on the front cover of the world’s leading fitness magazines such as Men’s Health

Adam Floyd
Adam is a physiotherapist and exercise physiologist with 20 years’ clinical experience. He is the Director of Regenerate Physiotherapy in Perth, which incorporates a commercial rehabilitation centre, and specialises in exercise programs for clients with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, sports injuries and spinal pain. Adam has 24 years of fitness industry experience including working as a PT and a facility manager, and he is a regular presenter at national and international fitness conventions.

Andy Fossett
A lifelong martial artist and former schoolteacher, Andy is the Co-Founder and CEO of GMB Fitness. Andy is deeply concerned with autonomy and fitness education; as CEO, he's dedicated to providing an open, accessible culture for both clients and staff to enjoy exploring more of what they're truly capable of. Under Andy's vision and leadership, GMB Fitness has grown from a side project to a multi-million dollar business with over 45,000 clients around the world.

Lynsey Fraser
Lynsey is a social media consultant specialising in the fitness industry. Lynsey owns and operates FloSocial – a training and consultancy service for small business owners, which empowers them to be successful on social media. She is also an international group fitness presenter with 12 years’ experience, covering 26 group fitness programs. In her role with Indoor Cycling Group, Lynsey delivers world-leading education and innovative group cycling experiences that challenge every level of rider.

Andrea Gaze
Andrea is the Founder and Director of APT Personal Training and Portable Pilates, and a member of the Australian bodyART instructor trainer team. Following an international career in musical theatre production, classical ballet and opera, Andrea turned her passion to the MINDful MOVEment, which enables her to share her passion and knowledge regarding holistic ways to combine fitness, health and wellbeing.

Catherine Giannitto
Catherine is the Founder and Director of the Sydney-based business Polestar Pilates Australia, which houses both her Pilates studio and the headquarters of Polestar Education. After sustaining injuries in 2000, Catherine has used Pilates to successfully alleviate an arthritic condition in her spine, so she understands first-hand the benefits of Pilates, particularly for improving posture, flexibility and strength. Catherine holds Diplomas of Sports Therapies, Diploma of Pilates, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She has presented both nationally and internationally within the Pilates space, and was an inaugural committee member of the Pilates Alliance of Australasia for over nine years.

Amy Giannotti
Amy is a Dietitian, sports dietitian, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and running coach. Amy's huge success with athletes greatly originates from her own experiences where she competed at high levels in running and triathlon, including qualifying in her age group for the Australian team for duathlon, as well as sprint, Olympic and half-ironman-distance triathlon events.

Chelsea Gillies
Chelsea is the Group Fitness Manager at Goodlife Health Clubs in SA. She is a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who enjoys teaching a wide variety of classes. She is passionate about being an active mentor and role model so as to inspire others to achieve their goals, and to be fit and strong for their own personal wellbeing.

Lynley Gladdis
Lynley graduated from the VCA with a Diploma in Arts Dance. She also has a Diploma in Remedial Massage, a Bachelor of Education, and is a registered fitness professional. For more than 25 years, Lynley has been a highly respected and popular national and international mind body fitness presenter.  She has been a Trainer for the Pilates Institute in the UK, Network Pilates, and she’s currently the Australian Trainer for MK Pilates and the ChiBall Master Trainer. 

Pete Gleeson
Fifteen years ago, Pete started out as a shy science student with a passion to "help Australians lose weight". Over the years Pete has succeeded as a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Regional Manager and National Personal Training Manager of Goodlife Health Clubs. Today his role is to lead the PT program for approximately 1,400 Goodlife trainers. Having delivered the brand’s monthly PT induction for over 10 years now, to more than 2,000 PTs, Pete is more than qualified to educate and inspire trainers in all areas of their practice.

Stephanie Glickman
Stephanie has been teaching Pilates for 14 years and established the Brunswick-based Armature Pilates in 2006. A former Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer, Stephanie now lectures on Pilates and Clinical Pilates for Breathe Education, where she teaches postural analysis, anatomy, repertoire and assessment. Stephanie is also currently a Dance Critic for the Herald Sun in Melbourne, a Les Mills BodyStep instructor and a recreational powerlifter.

Steve Grant
Steve started as a PT in the fitness industry 20 years ago while gaining a Bachelor of Physical Education and playing rugby league with the Cronulla Sharks. He lectured PE teachers and sports business at ACPE, before running his own successful gym in Sydney for eight years. Steve created GYM HUB in 2015 to provide education and business mentoring to Virgin Active, F45, Flow Athletic, Vision PT and brands to increase profitability and develop high performance teams.

Sean Greeley
Sean is a former pro athlete, fitness business owner, cancer survivor, competitor, and leader. Sean is the CEO and Founder of NPE. He has an unrelenting passion for supporting entrepreneurs and growing businesses, and for over 11 years, NPE has served over 36,000 fitness business owners in 98 countries by providing education, coaching and access to a community of like-minded professionals.

Kristen Green
With over 25 years’ fitness industry experience, Kristen is the Executive Manager of the multi-award winning Aquafit Fitness and Leisure. Kristen has developed and implemented a well-executed strategy to position Aquafit as a valuable community asset, especially for older adults. An active contributor and thought leader in the industry, Kristen’s qualifications include MBA (Distinction) and Bachelor of Sports Science (Exercise Science). Kristen is currently on the board of Fitness Australia.

Lauren Green Gerace
Lauren’s fitness career began in 2004 and to this day she still loves teaching a wide variety of group exercise, from HIIT to HiLo to Aqua. She is passionate about mind body connection, particularly in our fast-paced society, and adores inspiring participants with her yoga and mind body classes. Lauren is a keen group ex mentor and enjoys empowering new fitness professionals in the creative art of freestyle instruction.

Jason Griggs
Jason’s UT Academy was founded on his passion for the principles of creating fluid and pain-free human movement, using unconventional training methods. This passion led to the creation of the Integrated Movement Practitioner, and Master of Integrated Correction systems; each of which is designed specifically to elevate personal trainers to a higher level of knowledge and professionalism, through a hands-on, practical and systematic training process.

Michael Griffiths
Michael is the founder of Referral Marketing Guru, the #1 authority on referral marketing training around the globe. Having become despondent with the school system, Michael left teaching and started his first business in 2008. Since then he has gone on to build seven businesses, selling six of them along the way and creating over $75million dollars’ worth of sales. Today Michael speaks around the globe on referral marketing, and how businesses can fill their leads bucket through partnerships, without having to pay for marketing. Michael is the referral expert for organisations like business blueprint, Huffington post, inc.com, the entourage, the CEO network and smallville. His mission is simple: look to help someone else before asking for help.

Briana Harkness
Briana has a passion for wellness and is a strong leader for females in the fitness industry. She is the Director of Clean Shred Transformation and Performance Centre, and the Chalk Strength equipment company. Briana boasts a highly successful podcast called Thrive by Briana Harkness, and she leads female-specific internships/mentorships for coaches, PTs and business owners.

Jamie Hayes
Jamie is a 30+ year veteran of the Australian fitness industry. A former recipient of Australian Fitness Network’s Fitness Leader of the Year award, Jamie has been a fitness leader course lecturer, and a regular presenter at FILEX for three decades. Along with his wife Ellen, Jamie has owned and operated eight fitness clubs, and franchised Healthy Inspirations weight loss centres that have helped over 9,000 members lose over 150,000 kilograms.

Daniel Henderson
Dan is a dynamic presenter who delivers courses to fitness professionals worldwide. As the Owner of the Functional Training Institute, Dan has created accredited courses in many functional training modalities. He is also a regular contributor to several magazines, and he’s presented at major fitness conferences around the world. Dan has also built and sold two successful fitness businesses.

Ryan Hogan
A passionate and enthusiastic leader, Ryan has a long history in development and delivery of fitness education programs around the world. As the former CEO of Australian Fitness Network, he spent years canvassing the globe for, and learning from the leading educators in fitness. In addition to a strong belief in the power of meditation and mindfulness practices, Ryan also continues to teach packed group exercise classes in Sydney’s leading fitness facilities.

Clare Hozack
After working with and being part of the Australian Sailing Team, Clare discovered a correlation between the pain and/or dysfunction in the back, neck or pelvic floor of sailors as well as post-natal women. Upon her retirement from the sport, Clare established a successful training studio, where she focuses her passion to help rehabilitate the core of post-natal women and men with hernia, restoring them to a healthy, pain free and functional condition.

Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy is a physiotherapist, Pilates practitioner and former ballet dancer. He has been teaching Pilates for a decade in a wide range of settings, including private physiotherapy practices, chiropractic clinics, health and fitness centres, ballet schools, private homes, and university classes. Jeremy is heavily involved in the Pilates world as an Educator for Polestar Pilates, Treasurer for the Pilates Alliance of Australasia, and Clinical Director of Polestar Pilates Studio, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Ryan Hurst
After a training accident ended his competitive gymnastics career, Ryan moved to Japan and competed in various martial arts until another injury made him reevaluate his priorities in life. As Co-Founder and Head Coach at GMB Fitness, his mission now is to show everyone that you can redefine your own fitness, and integrate it as a sustainable and enjoyable part of your life.

Jan Hutnan
Jan is an IoM Health Programming Officer, Co-Founder of EvoPrime Fitness, and ViPR Global Educator. Jan defines himself as a passionate educator who believes in integrity, authenticity, communication and empathy. He is committed to gaining world-class knowledge and continuous ongoing education. Devoted to helping people build robust and resilient bodies for life, Jan challenges everyone he encounters to think differently about how this can be achieved.

Marcus Irwin
Former Dual World Aerobic Champion and a globally-adored international presenter, Marcus is highly regarded for his unique instructor style, which blends quality, professionalism and passion with his warm and natural charisma. Having witnessed the great success of bodyART in Europe and USA, Marcus brought bodyART to Australia, and in addition to currently studying yoga he is responsible for the new bodyART Australia franchise and school. 

Kevin Janks
Kevin used to be a stressed out consultant who worked long hours under high pressure. Although he seemed to be “succeeding” on the façade, inside he was plagued with anxiety by day, and experienced violent nightmares by night. Skeptical by nature, he was hesitant to begin meditation, but desperation shoved him into it, and he was pleasantly surprised by its immediate results. Years later, he decided to dedicate his life to sharing the cumulative benefits by making this untapped resource more accessible to urban professionals. This culminated in Kevin founding Centred Meditation, a world-first corporate meditation drop-in studio, as well as his highly sought-after meditation and mindfulness programs, which leading Australian businesses are fast-becoming involved with.

Steve Jensen
Steve boasts decades of experience working with fitness franchises and businesses of all size and types. He is a world-renown leader in inspirational selling. This multi-award winning, internationally acclaimed industry icon specialises in imparting the skills and knowledge to future-proof your business and career – skills that are essential in this highly competitive marketplace, where only the most innovative and informed operators survive. 

James Lamb
James “Chops” Lamb is an endurance mountain biking athlete, who has dedicated the last 10 years to the sport of mountain biking. Productive cycle training is based on threshold power and James brings his expertise as an outdoor cyclist to into the studio, putting his knowledge of training and power to practical use. As only one of three Life Fitness Master Trainers in the APAC region, James is responsible for training and educating instructors in ICG’s premier power-based coaching program “Coach By Colour”.

Scott Lambert
With 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry working across a number of segments such as multi-site, franchise chain and independent health clubs, Scott understands the importance of member engagement for greater retention, especially in today's competitive market. Scott has experience in all facets of health club operations and prior to working with Les Mills Asia Pacific he spent five years educating fitness professionals through Certificate III and IV in Fitness. Scott currently travels across Australia providing support to more than 600 fitness centres annually, sharing recommendations, strategies and delivering management seminars that impact member retention, attendance and profit.

Marin Lazic
Coming soon

Benjamin Lucas
Ben has been in the fitness industry for 20 years. A former NRL player and ultra marathon runner Ben has owned and led five million-dollar clubs, where he also gained accolades for his exceptional performance, including 2014 Australian Health And Fitness Quality Awards (Gold), 2015 Telstra Start Up of the Year, and 2017 Men’s Style Men of Influence. Ben has also fundraised over $100,000 for Beyond Blue. He is currently the Owner and Director of Flow Athletic, Flow After Dark, and Night Club Spin.

Glenn Mackintosh
Glenn is the Founder of Weight Management Psychology. He enjoys sharing messages of body positivity, intuitive eating, and enjoyable movement in his training of health professionals through Australia’s peak bodies, as well as through his public work as Resident Psychologist on Ten’s The Biggest Loser: Transformed. Glenn is involved in researching and teaching the psychology of eating, exercise, weight, and body image through some of Australia’s leading universities, including applied research on his online programs. Glenn also shares innovative, evidence-based messages in a relatable and non-stigmatising way through his popular YouTube channel.

Kristy Manuel
Kirsty is a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry, whose qualifications include C-IAYT & E-RYT 500, and whose roles include presenter, lecturer and PT. As a Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit, and the Director of YogaFit’s Therapy program, Kirsty has more than 4,000 hours of training experience. Kirsty also holds a Master’s Degree in Health and Fitness Management and is a Certified Health Fitness Specialist through ACSM.

Merrin Martin
Merrin is the Founder of Active Anatomy Physiotherapy and Health Professional Education in Sydney. With over 20 years’ experience in the physiotherapy, exercise science and clinical Pilates industries, Merrin has become an expert educator in exercise rehabilitation for fitness professionals. In addition to working as a physiotherapist in her own clinic, Merrin has also developed and presented accredited fitness courses for over 10 years across Australia and New Zealand.

Emma Masters
Emma is the Master Educator for STAGES® Cycling in Australia and New Zealand. Emma has been cycling her way through the fitness industry since 2009 and, as she likes to say, she lives and breathes fitness! In her role with Virgin Active Health Clubs, Emma manages group exercise across Melbourne; she is also a mentor and consultant who is passionate about helping instructors and studios grow and develop. Having been a musical theatre performer in a 'previous life', Emma is grateful to be able to continue embracing and unleashing her inner diva as she presents indoor cycling around the globe, whilst at the same time inspiring and educating fellow instructors to be the best they can be.

Cody McAuliffe
Cody is an educator specialising in the creation of “Peak Performers”. He is the founder of the PT/Coach Forum and the Pursuers of Peak Performance Podcast. Cody is committed to  raising the standards in the fitness industry, and passionate about helping PTs leverage their time to get more work/life balance. It is these concepts that make up the foundation of his presentations.

Cameron McDonald
Dr Cam has spent the last 10 years furthering his knowledge and skills so as to promote health in a way that makes it easy and obvious for clients. Dr Cam blends his background as a dietitian, exercise physiologist, with his long-standing personal interest in health, and his passion for understanding the latest research in genetics and environmental influence on health. The result is his unique mission to help people find the things in life that they and their body truly love.

Mel McLaughlin
Mel – from the ‘The yin space’ – has been practising, teaching and experiencing all that yoga, meditation and pranayama have to offer, since a lengthy sojourn in India some 18 years ago. Her training is ongoing with some of the world’s most respected teachers of yoga, energetics and bodywork, and currently includes yin yoga with Paul Grilley, and acupuncture with Dr Daniel Keown. Melanie has a background in dance and bodywork, which lends itself naturally to the flow and movement of asana yoga, and an understanding of body mechanics. She is deeply curious about the energetic and esoteric having studied metaphysics with Paul Balch, acuenergetics with Kevin Farrow, and includes this in her teachings with the belief we cannot address one body without the other. Mel believes and has personally experienced yoga and meditation to be great tools to ground us against the stresses of everyday life, release trauma and realign us with our most natural and joyous selves.

Chris McLellan
Chris is recognised internationally as a leading high performance specialist, with an exceptional level of experience and expertise, which sees him working in professional sport around the world. Professor McLellan holds PhD and Master’s Degrees in Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, and delivers expertise in strength and power training, simulated altitude training, and performance enhancement strategies. Dr McLellan holds editorial board positions with numerous international scientific journals, and his research has resulted in a world-class portfolio of published works, as well as presentations at international conferences.

Marietta Mehanni
Named the New Zealand Educator of the Year in 2016, Marietta is a multi-award winning presenter with over 27 years of industry experience. Marietta is passionate about developing fun exercise formats that are suitable for all ages and abilities, which is reflected in her many and varied industry roles such as Master Trainer and Education Coordinator for Gymstick International, Pelvic Floor Ambassador for Continence Foundation Australia, Co-Creator of mSwing, and Ambassador for Australian Fitness Network.

Jill Miller
Jill is the Co-Founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide, and Creator of the self-care fitness formats Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method. With more than 30 years of study in anatomy and movement, Jill is a pioneer in forging relevant links between the worlds of fitness, yoga, massage, athletics and pain management. Known as the “Teacher’s Teacher” Jill and her team of 500+ trainers has trained thousands of movement educators, clinicians, and manual therapists and individuals all over the world, teaching people to live better in their body by understanding proprioception, mobility, breath mechanics and recovery. Jill is also a highly published author, DVD Creator, and a regular feature on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Mindy Mylrea
Mindy is an international presenter, author, motivational speaker, video personality, and CEC provider for ACE and AFAA. She has starred in over 600 fitness DVDs and has authored many articles. She is also a multi-award winning fitness professional, having won titles including Life Time Achievement, Instructor of the Year (multiple times), and National and World Aerobics Champion. She is also a 361-sponsored athlete, and a five-star presenter for IDEA. Mindy is the Creator and the lead talent behind Gliding Discs, Tabata Bootcamp, and One Day to Wellness.

Susy Natal
Susy is a Sydney-based performance coach, wellness writer, and personal trainer. She has a background in psychology and addresses health issues using an integrated approach that encapsulates body and mind. She works with beginners who have personal goals, right through to athletes who compete across multiple sports. She defines health as optimal movement, nutrition and mindset, and is passionate about working with clients to help them achieve this.

Kirsty Nield
Starting her career as a fitness professional in 1999, Kirsty has established herself as one of the leading group fitness instructors and educators in Australia. Having been a group fitness manager since 2009, and a fitness presenter since 2012, Kirsty is committed to creating and delivering challenging, unique and dynamic group fitness classes. She is also passionate about mentoring and educating fitness professionals, sharing the experience and knowledge she has gained during her long and successful career.

Claire Norgate
Claire's passion lies in health, fitness and education and she has a great mix of academic qualifications and practical experience, which includes Degrees in Nursing and Midwifery, as well as Master’s Degrees in Education and Public Health. Claire is also currently studying physiotherapy while she continues to lecture in Certificate 3 and 4. She also works as a PT developing training programs for Australia and Asia, in pre and post natal and exercise, yoga, Pilates and rehab.

David Norman 
As Co-Owner and Founder of EYE Fitness, David has built the Excite Your Environment (EYE) brand to be Australasia’s leading provider of all things innovative in the fitness industry, culminating in the recent merge with Synergy Fitness. His passion to engage more people in exercise has come from a solid sport science education in New Zealand (BPE), coupled with 20 years in the industry, where he experienced corporate health, health club management and PT, as well as athlete coaching. David began sourcing and distributing unique, yet proven commercial fitness products that make a difference to users’ experiences, and the ROI, USP and results for businesses. Today Synergy/EYE Fitness has over eight key international brands and their own patented cardio, strength and conditioning equipment, as well as associated programming that allows them to differentiate themselves from more traditional equipment suppliers.

Nardia Norman
Recipient of Australian Fitness Network Personal Trainer of the year award in 2014, and named an Institute of Fitness Legend, Nardia is a fitness industry influencer with over 17 years experience in personal training, and educating fitness professionals.  Her passions lie in supporting the empowerment of female fitness professionals so they can build profitable, meaningful careers and make a mark on the industry, as well as educating trainers on women specific training and coaching.  Nardia is the creator of Australasia's first Female Health & Performance Coaching Certification for personal trainers.

Amelia Phillips
Enjoying 21 years in the industry, Amelia has a wealth of experience in training, nutrition, digital fitness and business management. After 13 years as a trainer, Amelia went on to manage and own clubs. She moved into digital fitness in 2008, co-founding and launching the Michelle Bridges 12WBT in 2010. Since then she has launched fitness and nutrition platform Voome, and 15 online programs. She holds a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Post Graduate in Nutrition. She appears regularly in the media, has four kids aged under five, and lives in Sydney. Amelia loves nothing more than mentoring and motivating passionate people to stretch their capabilities and reach beyond their potential.  

Thomas Plummer
Thomas has been working in the fitness business for over 40 years. He founded the Thomas Plummer Company in 1990, which eventually became the National Fitness Business Alliance (NFBA) in 2003. The NFBA is a group of industry vendors and suppliers banded together to bring advanced business education to all fitness business owners operating anywhere in the world. Currently, Thomas delivers around 20 workshops a year all over the world, and is in front of more than 10,000 people a year as a keynote speaker, event host and private consultant. Thomas has authored nine books on the business of fitness, which have remained the bestselling books in the industry for over 20 years, and several of the books are currently used as textbooks in numerous college programs as their source for fitness business education.

Victor Popov
Victor is one of Australia’s leading sports physiotherapists. He has been involved extensively in elite sport in Australia and internationally, with many of his clients being World and Olympic champions. He has also worked with iconic Australian teams such as the Brisbane Lions and the Australian Olympic team, as well as international sporting teams such as Lotto Domo and FDJ cycling teams, and the Russian Olympic Federation. Victor has been a consultant to the AIS, QAS and NSWIS, as well as other major sporting organisations such as GB Swimming, Russian Cycling Federation and the ARU and QRU. Currently Victor consults at Moving With Ease Physio on the Gold Coast, and QSMC in Brisbane. He is also the Co-Founder of NETT Global, an education and training organisation.

Helena Popovic
Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, leading authority on how to improve brain function, best-selling author and international speaker. She is unique in applying the latest discoveries in brain science to weight management. She is the author of Neuroslimming – Let Your Brain Change Your Body and her philosophy is that education is far more powerful than medication.