Presenter Applications for #FILEX2019 are now open!

If you’re a passionate, dynamic content-matter expert with a knack for sharing your message in an inspiring, thought-provoking way, then we want to hear from you!

We’re now accepting presenter applications on all things fitness - from programming, specific populations, and nutrition to marketing, behaviour change, and group training.

First time presenter? If you’re applying for the first time or you’ve applied previously but your application was unsuccessful, we highly recommend you watch this video recording of our recent presenter application info session. In it, FILEX Program Development Consultant, Alisha Smith, covers all of the key elements of the application process and gives you tips on getting your application noticed for all the right reasons by the programming committee.

Returning presenter? For the 2019 event, we’ve improved our 2018 system to remove duplication of content. All applications must be completed in full via the online application system to be considered for inclusion.

Applications will close on Monday 9 July 2018 at 11.59pm AEST.

Step by Step Guide APPLY HERE


Applications will close on Monday 9 July 2018 at 11.59pm

So if you’d love to be a part of the presenter faculty for Australia’s premier fitness education experience, apply now.



Remuneration is assessed individually, considering a number of different factors such as presenting experience, topic area expertise, number of sessions, and predicted delegate appeal.

Travel and accommodation is typically the responsibility of the presenter, though in some cases may be provided as part of your remuneration.

All presenters are entitled to a Complimentary pass to attend FILEX, discounted access to additional events and an invitation to the VIP and Presenter function.
We will endeavour to notify you by 31 October 2018.
Due to the incredibly high number of applications received, regretfully we are typically unable to provided detailed feedback on individual applications.


  • Highly practical in nature but may have some theory components included
  • Focused towards personal training, group fitness/group training, or other practical applications of topics such as pre and postnatal, specific populations, regeneration/recovery, etc
  • Chairs not typically provided unless specifically requested.


  • Practical session only
  • Group fitness-focused
  • No chairs provided as delegates are moving throughout the session.


  • Theoretical session, with presenter lecturing from the front of the room
  • Delegates are seated theatre-style (in rows).

Interactive Lecture:

  • Theoretical session with practical demonstrations
  • Typically suited to topic areas such as strength and conditioning, personal training, corrective exercise, pre and postnatal, etc.
  • Delegates are seated theatre-style (in rows), with a small area (typically at the back of the room) cleared for practical demonstrations.


  • Practical session that is held outdoors (may need to be moved indoors in case of inclement weather)
  • Suited to group personal training or outdoor personal training concepts such as battle ropes, boot camps, etc
  • No chairs provided and typically no sound system.

Personal Training
Includes both practical and theory sessions focusing on programming, functional anatomy, biomechanics, technique and execution.

Strength & Conditioning (and Crossfit)
Featuring practical, theory and interactive sessions on speed, agility, endurance, strength, stability, mobility, injury prevention/management/rehabilitation, optimising athletic performance. Crossfit sessions could either be incorporated into S&C or be identified as their own independent topic area.

Movement, Skills & Alternative Fitness
Featuring practical and interactive sessions on gymnastics-based skill acquisition such as handstands and muscle ups, movement programs such as Ido Portal, Systema, and Animal Flow, and alternative fitness such as pole fitness, bungee workouts and other progressive, boundary pushing fitness sectors.

Group fitness and group personal training fall under this topic area and cover the gamut of modalities such as exercise to music classes, boxing, circuit, pre-choreographed and/or branded programs such as Zumba, Les Mills, Mossa, etc, outdoor group training, and more. Primarily practical sessions but could potentially include some lecture-based content if relevant and compelling.

Lecture sessions that cover lead generation and sales, marketing and advertising, branding, strategies and systems for growth, news, trends and innovation from around the world, financial management, and more. Business sessions may be specific to PTs or geared towards facility owners and managers.

Franchise operations
Featuring lectures and workshops that cover the range of unique issues that franchise operators face such as building community engagement, making your franchise your own within the bounds of corporate guidelines, profitability vs turnover, surviving challenging franchisor business decisions, etc.

Entrepreneurship, Leadership and PD
Covering a range of topics that any team leader, entrepreneur or sole trader would be drawn to, such as: creating and leading outstanding teams, authentic leadership, productivity and effectiveness, goal setting and attainment, identifying and creating opportunity for yourself and others, and more. Lecture sessions primarily, though could also lend itself to workshops and/or forums.

Nutrition, Fat Loss & Weight Management
Lectures on nutritional strategies and considerations for fat loss, weight management, optimal performance, and specific body composition goals such as figure competing and hypertrophy. Sessions on the latest science on nutrient timing, dietary programs and protocols, as well as gut, hormone and immune health, and more.

Recovery & Regeneration
Practical and lecture sessions on evidence-based strategies for optimising post-training recovery and regeneration, including topics such as hot and cold therapy, self-myofascial release, foam rolling and other soft tissue strategies, sleep, and more.

Coaching & Behaviour Change
Lecture sessions on the skills and techniques for coaching clients and members through the process of behaviour change, including topic areas such as models and tools of coaching practice, the role of the coach in successful behaviour change, goal setting, the neuroscience of change, etc.

Practical sessions and workshops that cover topics from within yoga, meditation, mindfulness and Pilates.

Specialty is a broad category that encompasses specific populations, adaptive training, children and adolescents, training clients with conditions, rehabilitation and corrective strategies, etc. Both practical and lecture sessions.


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