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3-Day Sessions

Should you wish to change any of your sessions, please do so before Friday 6 April. After this date if you wish to swap your sessions, just go to the session that you would like to attend during FILEX and if there is space available after 15 minutes, the Event Crew at the door will allow you entry.

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 Plenary Session

Time: 10:30am-12pm

A1E: Fit for Two: All You Need To Know For A Healthy Pregnancy
Liz Dene

Join one of Australia's leading pregnancy experts to learn everything you need to know about pre-natal. This session delivers the complete package, from choosing the right training method to working out the best nutritional program. You͛ll explore the physiology and mechanics of gestation, plus learn the best possible exercise choices from Pilates, resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, all the way through to yoga. In this interactive session you will learn what is right for your client͛s body, and how to best assist them during this special time. IL P

 Plenary Session

Time: 8am-9:15am

A1F: TD’S WOW Workout Experience
Todd Durkin

If you want to have one of the best workout experiences of your entire LIFE, then this is the session for you! Industry icon Todd Durkin will coach you through an epic workout experience, in vintage "TD style". He'll make you laugh, smile, and sweat all while working your tail off in one of the most creative, innovative, and inspirational workouts EVER! PMC

 Plenary Session

Time: 8am-9:15am

A1H: Unbreakable Rules of Coaching: Less Lip Service, More Results
Dr Cameron McDonald

You can't run the exact same goal-setting exercises, motivational speeches and accountability tactics for everyone, and expect to get results every time. Instead, you need to understand yourself, your clients, and the rules that govern behaviour change. From this insightful lecture you’ll learn an incredibly simple, usable model of coaching progression that enables your clients to develop as humans, rather than just better biceps and good glute activation! You’ll benefit from Cam’s thousands of collective hours of coaching experience, togain precious insight into genetics and its consistent influence on your clients’ journey towards improved health and fitness. L

Time: 1pm - 2:30pm

A2D: The Ground-To-Stand Workout
Jan Hutnan

Ground-to-standing (G2S) drills are exercises that enhance your ability to get up and down off the ground – think: Turkish getups and burpees. This incredible workout takes you through 15 progressive G2S exercises that will enhance strength, mobility and cognitive function, while also being a fun and engaging experience for all. You͛ll also discover how these exercises are being directly correlated with sustainable long-term health. PWS

 ***Note: You must have the capability of getting up and down off the ground unassisted, in order to take part in this session***

Time: 1pm - 2:30pm

A2G: Brain Fit For 50+
Laraine Dunn

Brain training transforms thinking, behaviour and performance, so here͛s how to get your seniors ͞switched on͟ with brain exercises that energise and stimulate. This evidence-based session includes techniques and activities that enhance brain and body functioning, enabling your older clients to go about their daily living with increased vitality, concentration, vision, memory, and improved reaction, balance, sleep and health. Delivering maximum take-home value, you͛ll learn about brain health, the ageing brain, the latest research, and the why, what and how to incorporate brain fitness into their exercise programs. IL

Time: 1pm - 2:30pm

A2H: High Intensity TRX Training Evolved
Marin Lazic

In this unforgettable session, you͛ll explore a high intensity multimodality workout that employs the most advanced, effective and safest programming approach this genre has ever seen. You͛ll learn highly innovative TRX coaching practices, and new high-energy programming techniques, while mastering the power of high intensity intervals based on strong, focused movements. This practical experience will take your programming, mindset and training to new levels that you never thought possible! PWS

Time: 1pm - 2:30pm

A2K: Busting Barriers To Change – The Real Starting Point
Fiona Cosgrove

Information to lose weight, get fit, sleep better, de-stress, relax or meditate is abundant; yet for many people, the struggle to achieve these things continues. One of the reasons we don’t achieve these wellness goals is that something gets in the way, and that barrier or obstacle may come in different forms for different people; although, the barriers do tend to fall into similar patterns. From this informative session you’ll learn how to identify the underlying issues, and the strategies to help your clients and members make permanent and positive changes to overcome them. L

Time: 3pm - 4:15pm

A3E: Simulated Altitude Training – Merging Science And Function Into Practical Applications For Body Composition & Performance
Professor Chris McLellan

Simulated altitude training (SAT) is the next big thing in group fitness, body transformations and wellbeing. In this compelling session you͛ll explore a combination of theory and practical examples of this training modality, which is based on the integration of functionally based, high intensity resistance and cardio training techniques. Professor McLellan will teach you how to customise SAT programs according to your clients͛ goals, from a scientific and practical standpoint. You͛ll leave this session with a comprehensive understanding of how SAT can be integrated into commercial training strategies, making it an ideal session for facility owners, managers, personal trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists alike. L

Time: 3pm - 4:15pm

A3F: Mums Shape Up
Lisa Westlake

Helping new mums get their bodies back in shape is rewarding for everyone, although doing too much too soon can cause short and long term problems. Understanding appropriate timelines and the implications of pregnancy, labour and delivery on exercise prescription allows you to confidently and safely support post-natal women as they recover and return to exercise. From this informative session you͛ll discover the what, when and how of post-natal fitness, ensuring you leave feeling well equipped to help new mums achieve the health, energy and happiness required to enjoy this precious time of their lives. IL

Time: 3pm - 4:15pm

A3G: Advanced TRX Programming: Putting It All Together
Andrew Chadwick

This mind-blowing session integrates some of the most exciting thinking and evolving concepts from the world of high-level strength and conditioning. Using evidence-based research, you͛ll discover how to redefine the way you program using a simple, yet powerful and compelling model that enables you to cut through the complexities of high-level programming, to create world-class sessions that accelerate you and your clients toward their goals. PWS

Time: 4:45pm - 6:15pm

A4D: Strong In Body, Mind & Sprit: Effective Strength Training For Women
Nardia Norman

Only a small percentage of women use resistance training to help them reach their goals, which means many are missing out on all the benefits that come from lifting weights. Join Nardia as she discusses how to build a good foundation of strength to achieve potential; and why strength training is the key to long-term emotional and physical wellbeing in women. You͛ll also explore female-specific approaches to training for different phases of life, as a way to support and promote healthy and active ageing. L

Time: 4.45pm − 6.15pm

A4E: The Insider Secrets To Creating & Growing A High Ticket Online Personal Training Business
James Breese

The future of the fitness world is a hybrid model of both online and in-person training that allows clients the freedom to work around their personal schedules. Join James Breese, founder of Strength Matters as he shares the Strength Matters system of growing and scaling a high ticket online personal training business that sets you apart from the competition, attracts more clients and gives you the freedom to do more of what you love. James will share the entire systems, software and tools that allow Strength Matters to do this and give you process to follow so that you too, can walk away at the end of the session with a blue print to creating your own bespoke online training business.

 PT Breakfast

Time: 8 – 10am

PTB: The PT Breakfast Brainstrust
Todd Durkin, Mike Fitch and Claire Norgate

To be an exceptionally successful personal trainer, you need to do and be more than ever before. You’re a business owner, a leader, and a change-maker. You’re a creator, an innovator, a coach, and a cheerleader. You have to know and value your craft, and be dedicated to a career-long commitment to growth, learning and evolution. And there’s no better way to achieve that than by surrounding yourself with, and learning from, the best in our industry.

Join world-class trainers, educators and fitness experts, Todd Durkin, Mike Fitch and Claire Norgate in an inspiring and provocative forum, where you have the opportunity to direct the PT Breakfast Brainstrust experience. Pose your burning questions to the presenters, interact with fellow delegates, and learn the secrets to being truly exceptional.

Time: 8.30am − 10am

B1E: Using Extreme Environmental Stress Interventions For Optimum Results
Victor Popov

Explore the latest trends in conditioning training, recovery and cognitive challenges, using various stress interventions such as heat chambers, cold therapy, and oxygen deficit training. In this compelling session, you͛ll understand how placing extreme environmental stressors on the body and mind can help you and your clients reach a greater sense of 'flow', 'yin' and 'balance', in both your training and your life. Although there is no magic pill, we all want results to come faster and easier, and these techniques may open your eyes to new possibilities. IL

Time: 8:30am-10am

B1F: Building Better Strength For Dynamic Movement
Ryan Hurst

Explore bodyweight exercises that create the strength required to perform activities that demand a high degree of physical skill and movement. Learn how to use timed sets and intuitive quality ratings to achieve greater awareness, and ultimately, improved performance. From this inspiring session you͛ll take home a clearly laid out method for strengthening the entire body in a coordinated and integralmanner, which will directly enhance performance in any physical activity. PWS

Time: 8:30am-10am

B1G: Kettlebell Get Up
Freyja Spence

The Kettlebell Get Up is an excellent exercise to train a multitude of qualities at once, including shoulder mobility; shoulder stability in both open and closed chain movement; thoracic mobility/extension; core rotary stability through multiple planes; hip stability; and ground-to-standing proficiency. By exploring the Get Up you͛ll learn how to steer strength through a large range of motion, from ground-to-standing, by properly stacking your joints. PMC

Time: 8:30am-10am

B1L: A Functional Approach To Core Training
Dan Henderson & Tarek Chouja

There are some significant misconceptions when it comes to training the core. Traditionally, most people embark on a series of spinal flexion exercises but we now know that the best way to train the core is as a set of stabilisers. Training the body to resist movement while challenging stability (in all three dimensions) is paramount for successfully strengthening the core. Understanding the science of core training will help you gain an edge in developing better exercises and therefore better results, for your clients. OD

Time: 10:30am-12pm

B2D: Kickboxing & Muay Thai For Fitness
Hays Daewoud & Luke Del Vecchio

Known as ͚The Art of 8 Limbs͛ Muay Thai and modern kickboxing delivers a workout like no other. This challenging session combines boxing, footwork, kicking and knee strikes – if you think boxing for fitness is a great workout, just wait until you experience kickboxing and Muay Thai for fitness! In a five-week study, research shows that kickboxing a few times a week can increase cardiorespiratory fitness by 13 per cent. In this session you͛ll experience high intensity kickboxing action, and learn about the physiological benefits of kickboxing from one of the country͛s leading sports scientists. PWS


Time: 8am-9:15am

B2G: The Ultimate Guide To Pre And Post-Natal Exercise
Claire Norgate

Say "goodbye" to the confusion and dispel the myths, because this info-packed session will ensure you access the very latest information, with regards to working with pre and post-natal populations. You'll explore if exercise suitable for every pregnant woman; how to keep baby safe; the types of exercise you should recommend and why; the types of exercise you should avoid prescribing; the role of the core; whether mum should actually eat for two; and lots more. IL

Time: 10:30am-12pm

B2H: Think Outside The Box: Creativity For PTs
Guillaume Tual

This fun and exciting session will make you think outside the box, and teach you how to collaborate with others to add new and exciting exercises to your repertoire. You can expect a lot of brainstorming, sweat and laughter, and to leave with dozens of new tricks to keep your clients coming back for more. Be warned: the only limit will be your imagination! PMC

Time: 10:30am-12pm

B2I: TRX: Rotation Matters
Marin Lazic

Experience the TRX Rip™Trainer and discover what is perhaps the most important, yet under-trained of all of the foundational movements. In this eye-opening session you͛ll learn why and how to integrate rotation into your training regimen; how to coach the basic mechanics of rotation; how to produce rotational power in high-speed movements as a way to benefit functional strength and high-intensity training; and more! PWS

Time: 10:30am-12pm

B2M: Battle Ropes Toolbox: Athletic Conditioning & Programming
Matthew Boulous

The Battle Ropes Toolbox returns, to shake up your clients’ workout! Using up to four battle ropes, Matt teaches you how to construct individual and team drills using circuits, to challenge both rookies and advanced athletes alike. You’ll progress from testing and intervals, to add more programming skills to your PT toolbox, including the know-how to evolve your indoor and outdoor conditioning programs to achieve elite training standards. OD

Time: 1:15pm-2:45pm

B3D: Mastering The Tuck Balance
Mike Fitch

The tuck balance is a common hand balancing position that's utilised in many bodyweight disciplines. In this captivating session you͛ll learn how to use a progressive approach to achieve this elite feat of balance and control. Participants of all skill levels will learn how to assess, practice and train to eventually master the perfect tuck balance. PMC

Time: 1:15pm-2:45pm

B3E: Conflict Management & High Performance
Nathan Quinn

Can you have difficult conversations without losing your cool? How do you react when people question your ability or motives? If you cannot manage conflict or struggle to keep your cool under pressure then you’ll never take your business to the next level. It doesn't matter how many qualifications you accumulate, or how many courses you attend, your personal weaknesses will always remain your professional weaknesses. It's not about how many exercises you know, it's about your leadership ability. Now is the time to step up, and in this practical masterclass, you’ll learn the precious skills to do so. PMC


Time: 1.15pm - 2.45pm

B3F: The Foot: Implications On Training, Posture & Movement
Gary Ward

Foot mechanics are much overlooked in the realms of both training and therapy. Considered as slave joints in many areas of movement, my aim is to highlight how the foot’s movement potential connects to everything higher up in the kinetic chain once we begin to consider "closed chain biomechanics" such as walking, lunging, squatting and deadlifting. The practical version of this will be covered separately in the practical workshop (C3D). IL

Time: 1:15pm-4:30pm

B3H: Recovery-Based Strategies In Program Design
Michol Dalcourt

A long held perspective among members, clients and trainers alike has been that the goal of training is to ͞push͟clients to achieve near volitional exhaustion. This general perception is – thankfully – changing, and to the point where programs of the future will involve structured recovery sessions in which clients will willingly pay for. The first step is to help them understand the value of these sessions for wellness and goal attainment. PMC, SS

Time: 1:15pm-2:45pm

B3N: Unlocking Functional Potential With The Mace/Gada
Jason Griggs

Explore untapped human potential for true functionality, using the unique capabilities of the mace. You’ll learn how to create unlimited free flowing workouts, and break through plateaus by harnessing the power of lever systems. You’ll also explore how to develop unparalleled mobility and stability, through rotational based movements; and lots more. OD

Time: 3.15 - 4.30pm

B4F: Better Back Rows
Nick Tumminello

In this session, you’ll learn how to get more out of performing barbell rows, dumbbell rows, seated rows and machine rows. You’ll explore important biomechanical and physiological factors that you need to understand, in order to avoid the commonly overlooked mistakes when performing these exercises. Plus, you’ll share in practical training techniques and tactics you can immediately use to improve your back training. L

Time: 3:15pm-4:30pm

B4H: Double Your Sales In The Next 6 Months (or Less)
Sean Greeley

Description: If you’re like professionals in the fitness industry, you’ve probably developed a negative attitude towards selling. Too often fitness professional and business owners are trained to be pushy, over-bearing, and all other types of “old-skool” sales techniques in an attempt to grow revenue. Fortunately, there’s a better way to sell (and serve) your prospective clients in a way that brings out the best in them while directing them towards a successful and happy future in working with you. And when you get this right, we’ve seen fitness professionals and business owners increase their close rate to 80%+ on premium priced packages of long-term programs…which has doubled their revenues (and income) over and over again. In this session you’ll learn the exact system we’ve shared with over 36,000+ fitness business owners in 96 countries that you can use to double your sales in the next six months (or less).

Time: 3.15pm − 4.30pm

B4K: Outdoor Training For Athletic Performance
Katrina Cochrane

Outdoor training offers unlimited variety, and instant motivation for clients. Athletes are driven to achieve results through efficient programming and specific exercises that target their individual and team goals. In this dynamic outdoor session you’ll learn how to inspire your clients to unleash their inner athlete and perform to the best of their ability. You’ll take home interactive strength and conditioning exercises and drills, that will see your clients and members achieve their desired results in an efficient time-frame. From this session you’ll leave feeling empowered to train your clients to surefire success. OD

 Plenary Session

Time: 5pm-6:15pm

B5D: Shift Happens
Paul Taylor

A stimulating blend of neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics, this enthralling lecture will change the way you think about helping your clients achieve their goals. You͛ll explore behaviour change theories and a range of practical tools, wrapped around Paul͛s trademarked ͞B-EASY͟ model of behaviour change, which has successfully helped thousands of individuals improve their wellbeing. L

 Plenary Session

Time: 5pm-6:15pm

B5E: The Mechanics Of Lifting & Strength Training
Michael Cunico & Mike Battaglia

Fitness fads come and go. Recently, HIIT and interval-based aerobic training have risen immensely, in popularity, while bodyweight training programs have brought gymnastics and all its variations to the fore. While traditional training will never vanish completely, there has been less and less emphasis on classic lifting philosophies. But some principles in strength, hypertrophy, and movement mechanics have stood the test of time, and in this dynamic session you͛ll explore these strategies and principles to help you maximise your clients' results. IL

 Plenary Session

Time: 5pm-6:15pm

B5F: Tissue Taming For Animal Flow
Jill Miller & Mike Fitch

Join the pioneers of conscious movement, as they weave together best practices from Animal Flow® and The Roll Model®. In this enlightening session, you͛ll explore novel ways of assessing your body readiness for the archetypical moves from Animal Flow; remove proprioceptive blind spots and enhance motor control; use self-myofascial tools to prepare your tissues for performance; and optimise your whole body engagement. The result will be improved sensory-motor mapping, which will transfer movement proficiency to all other athletic pursuits. Under the expert guidance of Fitch and Miller, you͛ll harness your embodiment skills and tame your unruly tissues. PMC

Time: 8:30am-10am

C1D: Exercising For Two
Lisa Westlake

With sound knowledge and appropriate modifications you can assist pregnant women to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Join Lisa for top tips and fitness favourites that will help women thrive physically and emotionally from conception to delivery. PWS

Super Session

Time: 8:30am-12pm

C1H: Using Fascial Stretch Therapy™ To Improve Movement
Freyja Spence

Explore Fascial Stretch Therapy™, traction and soft tissue mobilisation techniques. In this session you͛ll observe and learn specific techniques that you can implement into your practice, as soon as you leave the room! You͛ll also learn how to integrate and layer these protocols as part of a warm up or movement prep, for the many clients who require this type of focus. PMC, SS

Time: 8:30am-10am

C1I: TRX: Coaching Redefined
Andrew Chadwick

This practical session builds on the fundamental TRX training concepts, and focuses on getting better results in the shortest amount of time. You͛ll take home innovative methods to quickly evaluate movement, and identify key movement faults to, ultimately, coach better. Integrating key concepts from the newly launched TRX course curriculum, this enthralling session will deepen your understanding of human movement, and provide a highly effective method of communication that will redefine your coaching standards. PWS

Time: 8:30am-10am

C1L: Creating an online community.
Cody McAuliffe

Founder of the PT/coach forum shares the step by step system on how to create and leverage an online community in your fitness business. Cody will show you cases studies from different content types, the most viral posts and strategies to develop engagement, the fuel, for your community. L

Time: 10:30am-12pm

C2E: Mummy Moves
Clare Hozack

Everyday, mums perform a series of repetitive movements and complex lifts, including deadlifts, squats, and woodchops. For this reason, we need to train them more like we train athletes – in the gym, using a logical, linear progression; and we need to start when they're pregnant and continue into the post-natal period. From this informative session, you͛ll gain a clear understanding of the true physicality of motherhood, and how to set specific guidelines for the starting point, as well as progression towards truly functional movement patterns. IL

Time: 10:30am-12pm

C2F: TriggerPoint™ Myofascial Compression Techniques for Injury Prevention & Better Movement
Andrew Chadwick

Injuries occur due to a muscle͛s inability to tolerate the demands placed upon it. Myofascial Compression™Techniques (MCT) is an innovative method that was created to provide an advanced approach to myofascial release, and to improve the body͛s ability to move efficiently as an integrated unit, to prevent injury, and to prepare the body to perform at its best. From this game-changing session you͛ll learn how to apply MCT to enhance your clients͛ biomechanical function and reduce their risk of injury. PMC

Super Session

Time: 1 – 4pm

C3D: What’s Missing? A Practical Journey Into The Motion Of The Foot
Gary Ward

In this practical workshop, we'll meet our feet in a different and more informative way than ever before. We’ll observe foot pressures, and bone motions to help build a picture of our own foot’s potential. We’ll also notice how subtle adjustments in the foot’s mechanics can make a huge change as that effect ripples through the rest of your body. PWS, SS

 Plenary Session

Time: 1p-2:15pm

C3E: Buns Of Steel
Merrin Martin

Low back pain can inhibit or switch off the main hip extensor muscle, the gluteus maximus. And with over 80% of the population experiencing lower back pain at some point, it͛s more than likely your clients will need their glutes reactivated prior to commencing a strengthening program. In this interactive workshop you͛ll learn the most effective ways to help activate the glutes, and to improve strength and stability around the pelvis and lower back. Be warned: the key to injury prevention could be right behind you! PWS

Time: 2:45pm-4pm

C4E: Is It Really A Back Problem? Tools To Identify The Real Issue
Thuy Bridges

Is back pain really a back problem, or is it actually coming from somewhere else? In this jam-packed session you͛ll learn how problems can be referred from other parts of the body, and what this means for training prescription. You͛ll explore muscle and functional testing procedures for common back pain symptoms; how to recognise symptoms and back pain that͛s coming from other parts of the body; how to interpret test results; the most effective exercises including movements to avoid; the implications on training; and more! IL

Time: 2:45pm-4pm

C4F: Focused Flexibility
Ryan Hurst

Every person has specific flexibility needs and that͛s why a more focused approach to assessing and addressing those needs is necessary. In this session Ryan teaches you how to use the BAP method of testing, targeting, and freeing your client and athlete from the aches, pains, and stiff muscles that restrict their movement. You͛ll learn how each BAP corresponds to a specific set of exercises that will help provide greater range of motion exactly where it͛s needed. PWS