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3-Day Sessions

Should you wish to change any of your sessions, please do so before Friday 6 April. After this date if you wish to swap your sessions, just go to the session that you would like to attend during FILEX and if there is space available after 15 minutes, the Event Crew at the door will allow you entry.

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Time: 1pm - 2:30pm

A2M: YogaLean
Beth Shaw

From this insightful session you͛ll learn positive body awareness to develop "lean consciousness". You͛ll also understand how to use yoga as a tool for transforming the body, to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. YogaLean is a guide to developing a practice that meets you where you are in life and in your body. It͛s designed to slowly and graciously transform you from the inside out, creating a positive body image. Using gentle, ancient and proven practices, this workshop is a journey inward, where true transformation on every level begins. PWS

Time: 3pm - 4:15pm

A3M: Take Your Squat To The Next Level
Joanne Bezzina

This energetic mat class will help you take your squat to the next level. You’ll find the balance between mobility and strength in your hips, while still getting a workout for the rest of your body. Jo will keep you moving and challenge your awareness of bony rhythms, as well as your muscular system. Get ready for a fun, creative class with inventive imagery and cueing. PMC

Time: 4:45pm - 6:15pm

A4K: YogaFit: Meditation, Mindfulness & Movement
Beth Shaw

Seize this opportunity to lose yourself in flow and grace as you chill out and be truly present in this dynamic class. If you͛ve always wanted to try meditation, but didn͛t know where to start, then come and join us for a comprehensive masterclass that explores different opportunities for you to find your centre, through breath and focus, stillness and gentle flow, or meditation in movement. You͛ll discover the proven health benefits that meditation has to offer including stress reduction, sleep improvement, and enhanced concentration. Various meditation techniques will be discussed and practiced, making this session suitable for everybody and every body. PMC

Time: 8.30am − 10am

B1N: YogaFit: Arise & Shine
Beth Shaw

Kickstart your morning with these energising and replenishing breathing techniques, which will leave you feeling ecstatic for the rest of the day. Combined with moves that increase circulation, motivation and inspiration, and concluding with an uplifting meditation, you͛ll feel propelled to new heights in every way, for the entire day. PMC

Time: 10:30am-12pm

B2O: Restoring Balance: Yoga's Effect On The Nervous System
Kristy Manuel

Discover how to help your clients and members create balance in a world that͛s often out of balance. By taking this unique approach to "restorative yoga", you͛ll learn how to use yogic tools to balance the autonomic nervous system. Every pathway to healing is unique for individuals, but by understanding the scientific evidence as to how and why different practices affect us in different ways, you͛ll take home self-care techniques that your clients and members will love. PWS

Time: 1:15pm-2:45pm

B3O: Optimum Health Through Spinal Mobility & Core Strength
Christopher Digby & Marena Digby

A strong and mobile spine is essential for, optimum spinal health. It͛s important to maintain the health of the entire spine in order to preserve its function and prevent back pain. In Pilates, we use the 'curves of the spine' and ͚back opening͛ to create greater spinal mobility and a deeper connection to the core. This practical workshop explores 10 key exercises to move the spine in a safe, decompressive manner to improve its strength and mobility, which is necessary for everyday tasks and toperform more demanding activities such as playing sport. PWS

Time: 3:15pm-4:30pm

B4M: The Art Of Progressions & Regressions, Pilates Style
Stephanie Glickman

Entire classes can be built on a few basic foundations that can then be amped up or toned down; made more complex or less complex; or swapped between different planes. Great Pilates classes don't need lots of exercises –they just require a few solid building blocks that can be easily layered and deconstructed. Come play with the possibilities! PMC

 Plenary Session

Time: 5pm-6:15pm

B5J: Older Bodies Need To Move Too! Pilates Mat For Osteoporosis
Jeremy Hunt

This practical workshop is designed to educate instructors on how to run a basic mat class for people with osteoporosis. Australia͛s ageing population is looking for fun, lower impact exercise options, so now is a great time to become educated in what osteoporosis is, how it affects the body, and the safest and most effective training options for these clients. From this enjoyable session you͛ll learn how to keep the older generation of Australians healthy, fit and happy! PWS

Time: 10:30am-12pm

C2J: Pilates – Strength Training Style
Stephanie Glickman

You͛ll add some more core into ͞hard core͟ when you join Stephanie for a Pilates mat class that is designed around strength training principles. You͛ll work compound muscles as well as isolated; work to failure, undertake high volume/lower load sequences – all using Pilates principles and bodyweight exercises. PMC

Time: 1pm − 2.15pm

C3K: Challenge Your Matwork With A Chi-Ball
Catherine Gianitto

The chi-ball is small but it can add so much feedback into your system, to really awaken your deep stabilisers and soften your global muscles. This intermediate-to-advanced level workshop will challenge your mind, and your coordination, stability and mobility across all planes of movement, and will also provide a fun and dynamic exploration into intuitive sequencing and control. PWS