Presented by Freyja Spence & Dain Wallis

Bending and squatting are primal pattern movements that are dependent on an efficient hip hinge pattern. One of the premiere authorities on lower back health, Dr Stuart McGill states “the hip hinge is paramount for injury prevention and performance”. In this session you’ll learn how to assess and rebuild that hip hinge pattern from the ground up. You’ll also learn how to successfully qualify clients so they can safely progress from basic to advanced barbell variations.

About the presenters

Freyja Spence
Freyja is a Lead Instructor and Director of Training Standards with DTS Fitness Education. She is also the Canadian Master Instructor for Animal Flow, and a Strength Training Coach, based in Toronto (Canada). With over a decade of experience, Freyja works with a wide array of clients, ranging from professional athletes to those seeking to rehabilitate from injury and move better. With a passion for all things related to quality movement, performance, and education, Freyja inspires others to live a strong, long and injury-free life.

Dain Wallis
Dain’s involvement in the industry stems from his years of experience as a strongman competitor. His constant pursuit for improvement is evident in his ongoing success as a competitor at the world level. With a strong focus on technique and injury prevention, Dain has incorporated unique training methods to systemise his strongman training into regressions and progressions, to build real-world strength for the general population. His mandate is to educate his clients while empowering them to make sustainable lifestyle changes.