C4E: Is It Really A Back Problem? Tools To Identify The Real Issue

 Personal Training
 Thuy Bridges

Is back pain really a back problem, or is it actually coming from somewhere else? In this jam-packed session you͛ll learn how problems can be referred from other parts of the body, and what this means for training prescription. You͛ll explore muscle and functional testing procedures for common back pain symptoms; how to recognise symptoms and back pain that͛s coming from other parts of the body; how to interpret test results; the most effective exercises including movements to avoid; the implications on training; and more! IL


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About the presenter(s)

Thuy Bridges
As the author of Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape and Director of PhysioWISE physiotherapy clinics, Thuy's extensive understanding of the way the body works, forms the basis for her compelling presentations. This combination of advanced clinical knowledge, enthusiasm for her topic, and a long history of presenting on a global stage, ensures her audiences always gain great insight from the mix of theory and practical information she presents.