A1C: The 6 stages of fitness business growth and development

Tom Hart

There are so many components to growing a small business that it’s easy to get confused. Learn about the 6 Stages of Fitness Growth and Development model, which is born out of 10+ years of helping over 21,000 small businesses grow from startup to over $1M in revenue. Take home a clear roadmap to grow your business now and in the years to come. L


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About the presenter(s)
After successfully opening, operating, and selling his personal training, yoga, and spin studios in Christchurch, New Zealand, Tom relocated to Sydney where he served as a general manager for a chain of gyms. With a passion for coaching and helping people achieve their goals, Tom joined the NPE team as the AP Regional Coaching Manager. A Ju Jitsu, sports and theatre buff, he supplemented his income with acting gigs when starting out in the fitness business.