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Reject the Service Fallacy and deliver REAL customer service
Bill McBride

Some clubs are starting to rely too much on technology and scripting. These tools have their uses, but service starts with philosophy, hiring, training and, most importantly, leadership. Club industry veteran Bill offers clarity on how to approach service and use tools to enhance commitment, and discusses a value system for return on investment. Discover exactly what the ‘service fallacy’ is, and find out why service is hard to scale or fake. Learn how members discern fact from fiction, and explore what authentic service requires – and how to accomplish it in your fitness business.


Selling exercise so people want to buy it
Michelle Segar

Despite over 30 years of marketing and promoting exercise to the general population, the majority are still not regularly physically active. So why do most people choose not to move given the multitude of evidence-based health and wellbeing benefits of exercise? Motivation scientist Michelle explores the surprising reasons for this sedentary behaviour, and showcases specific strategies and messages to better sell physical activity using branding tactics and key science related to decision making, motivation, and adherence. Packed with ‘ah ha’ moments and practical steps that you can apply in your own business.


Results from the Australian Retention Report
Dr Paul Bedford

Join acclaimed retention ‘guru’ Dr Paul Bedford as he presents a succinct, 30­minute insight into the results of the inaugural Australian Fitness Industry Retention Report. For too long, health club operators have relied on inaccurate measures of attrition that confuse and mislead any attempt to reduce cancellations and improve length of stay. The data provided by Australian operators will, for the first time, benchmark what’s actually happening with member retention, attrition and lifetime value. Gain valuable insights into the impact of age, gender, membership type, price and more, and find out where to focus your efforts in order to improve your member retention.


Evolving member demands: insights from real fitness consumers
Justin Tamsett with Dave Wright and Michelle Segar

There are two constants in the business of fitness: the need to gain members and the need to keep them. So, why does today’s fitness consumer join, or stay with, your club? Do you know what they really want from a gym or studio? And how are their needs evolving? Business coach Justin and the distinguished panel define this member evolution by exploring key findings of a Network study into the real fitness consumer. Discovering what members and prospects think and feel about the fitness product, membership, new boutique studios and big box gyms, will enable you to strengthen their perception of your business.


Visionary leadership
Luke Carlson

Visionary leadership is one of the final untapped competitive advantages in the fitness industry – so gain the edge by learning how to truly lead with vision. Leadership expert Luke introduces the 6 key questions that all leaders must answer and then align their teams around in order to become a visionary business. Learn how great leaders inspire a shared vision, articulate that vision, and then bring it down to the ground to create results. Whether you’re an experienced operator, budding manager, or seasoned fitness professional, you’ll take home the inspiration and know-how to strengthen the vision of your organisation.