In recent times, I’ve openly addressed the ever-changing landscape of our industry, and the potentially extensive and complex challenges this can create for fitness business operators and managers.

The FILEX 2018 Business Summit will help you to create a roadmap for your success. To help you navigate the way through, we’ve engaged presenters who’ve been where you’re going, and innovators who understand how to change the status quo.

If your fitness business is looking to differentiate, diversify, innovate, or simply progress to the next level of success (whatever that means for you), then I invite you to come along and join me at the FILEX 2018 Business Summit, where you will gain the skills, knowledge and expertise to achieve your business goals.

Bill MooreFitness Australia

Bill Moore
Fitness Australia



The annual FILEX Business Summit is an incredible opportunity to learn first-hand from the mistakes and the lessons endured by some of the world’s most successful business owners and operators. In 2018 these are the sessions that will send your business on a whole new tangent of success.

Time: TBC

The Blueprint For Success In The Fitness Industry
Todd Durkin

Substance seeks substance. And as the fitness industry evolves at warp-speed, there are some extremely important foundational principles that must be followed, to allow you and your business maximum success. In this workshop, Todd Durkin shares his key business principles and practices in areas such as: client acquisition, client retention, creative revenue-generating ideas, how to deliver world-class customer service, how to create an outstanding culture, tips for developing exceptional leadership, and how to build a winning team. From this dynamic session you’ll explore highly creative, out-of-the box thinking, which is backed by years of proven-results and experience. This content-rich presentation will provide you tonnes of new ideas, challenge and motivate you to take action on your necessary game-changing moves, and undoubtedly propel you and your business to record new levels.

Time: TBC

Innovate Like A Boutique: 10 Tips To Staying Relevant And Borrowing From The Best
Emma Barry

We are an industry disrupted. As micro-clubs and boutiques continue to flood the market with the promise of more personalised, service-oriented and community-based fitness experiences, it’s time to learn how you can apply their business basics to strengthen what you already do. From this enthralling session you’ll take away proven strategies from the queen of the category – Soul Cycle – along with other fast growing boutique franchises, and the best hacks to ensure you remain competitive in the most dynamic times the fitness industry has ever seen.

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Time: TBC

Turning Customers In To Advocates
Amanda Stevens

In a post-digital era and increasingly competitive fitness landscape, creating a customer experience that sets your brand apart, is essential to maintain market relevance and long-term sustainability. Even more critical, is delivering a consistent brand experience. From this thought-provoking presentation, you’ll explore the psychology of advocacy, and how brands can create a culture of customer service that drives loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals, and exponential business growth.